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Title SeoulTech Hosts Inauguration Ceremony for Its 12th President Dr. Lee Dong Hoon
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SeoulTech Hosts Inauguration Ceremony for Its 12th President Dr. Lee Dong Hoon
Hopes to create a university of dignity, freedom and a place for SeoulTech to progress together


SeoulTech hosted the inauguration ceremony for the 12th SeoulTech President, Dr. Lee Dong Hoon, on December 18th at 11AM at the Centennial Anniversary Hall. Department of Student Affairs Head Ryu Do Hyung was the host of the ceremony, and it was attended by National Assembly member Ko Young Jin, previous SeoulTech presidents, presidents of other universities, SeoulTech Alumni Association Chairman Na Ki Sun, other distinguished guests, faculty members, as well as students who participated in the ceremony.


President Lee spoke about his hopes toward creating diverse educational undergraduate programs, innovations in various processes and academic atmosphere, improving social welfare programs and work environments, the simultaneous growth of SeoulTech and its alumni, as well as other topics during his inauguration address.



President Lee said, “For the past 110 years, SeoulTech has continued the tradition of promoting practical education and investing in its development. We will continue to strive to further develop our proud and prestigious university into a university with dignity and freedom and a place for the SeoulTech community to progress further together.”

President Lee graduated from SeoulTech’s Mechanical Engineering Department and received his master’s and doctorate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Soongsil University. He joined SeoulTech as a faculty member and professor in 1995 and served as the Vice President of the Industrial Academic Research Department, the head of the Industrial Academic Collaboration Department in addition to other important positions. He has served as the 22nd and 23rd Vice Chairman of the National Industrial Academic Collaboration Committee, the Head of the Committee of Research Department, the Chairman of the Seoul Regional Industrial Academic Collaboration Committee, and as the Head of the Committee of Research Department. Furthermore, he has been a member of the board of directors of the Seoul Techno Park, SeoulTech Development Fund, as well as the Chairman of the Korea Metropolitan Railroad Academic Committee.



According to university reviews conducted by the major national newspapers, SeoulTech placed 2nd in international thesis citations, 14th in international thesis publications in the faculty research category, 1st in entrepreneurship education ratios, and 10th in student entrepreneurship support and progress in the research and entrepreneurship category. After its transition into a general university in 2012, SeoulTech has continued to strengthen its capabilities as the sole national general university located in Seoul. Under the leadership of President Lee, who lead SeoulTech’s efforts in creating improved research environments and industrial academic collaboration, there are hopes that SeoulTech will represent Seoul and the main metropolitan regions as a science and technology focused research university. 


President Lee’s term will last  years beginning from November 22, 2019.



■ Transcript of Inauguration Address


Distinguished guests, beloved students, faculty members and professors, as well as our fellow alumni,
I thank you for your precious time in attending today’s inauguration ceremony. 


Our university will soon celebrate 110 years of history. On the foundation of a long history of 100 years, we have been able to finish the loop of another 10 years. I am honored to become the president at this glorious time in SeoulTech’s history.


To our SeoulTech family,
I would like to thank you once again for providing me with the opportunity to serve in further developing our university. Our society is facing many rapid changes in social values and demands a larger role and more responsibility from us. Many universities are facing the reality of structural reform as the number of students decrease and this is an issue that I feel great responsibility for at this time.


In order to face these challenging times, we must set a clear marker and select the direction that we must travel and by doing so, we will create a firm foundation on which our university can be built upon.


As the 12th SeoulTech president, I will further embrace and develop our educational tradition of practical theoretical education in our efforts to create a national university that you can be proud of.

To our students,


You are the main drivers of our school today and the drivers of the future that will further make your alma mater shine. I hope that you will become future leaders as you power your capabilities through diverse experiences and challenges during your time here. SeoulTech is currently preparing a variety of new educational and undergraduate programs for you to take advantage of, and both the faculty and I will strive to do our best in order to create a university that you are proud to graduate from.


Esteemed colleagues,
I thank you for your efforts in the development of our school in times of trouble both large and small. Just as a great mountain is the result of beautiful boulders and trees allowed to grow freely, I ask that all the professors are allowed to freely explore their educational and research capabilities in order to further develop our school into a healthy and dignified university. Moreover, I ask that you respond to the new paradigm being born in the educational and research fields, as more corporations and society demands change in the new and upcoming fourth industrial revolution. In addition, I hope that you will do all that you can in cultivating the future leaders of tomorrow through practical fusion-based research and education that meets future demands. I will make sure to allow the individuality of all of our professors and create new innovative structural reforms and an exciting environment in which education and research can be your focus.


To our beloved faculty and administrative members,

I thank you for your silent service to the development of SeoulTech. Just as the heart and every single cell is a vital part of the body, I believe that every single faculty member is crucial to the development of our university. I will work with you and with your understanding and cooperation, I hope to create a freer environment that allows for a balance between work and life. I hope that you will consider SeoulTech as a lifelong career and ask that you work with the mission that SeoulTech’s development will be a part of your lives as well. As president, I will work to institute new welfare programs and improve the working environment to create a more dynamic work culture.


To our respected alumni,

Thank you for making our university shine in each of the respective fields you work in both domestic and abroad. I have always believed that the development of our 11,000 alumni always leads to the development of SeoulTech. As you are well aware, a university’s social reputation is decided by the social impact of its alumni. These are not separate elements and your personal development is also the development of our university and we will work to do the same. We ask that you soar higher so that we may be able to do so as well. As a graduate of SeoulTech myself, I have a fondness for our school and will support both the development of your careers as well as SeoulTech.
To our beloved SeoulTech family,
I hope to create a university in which our students, faculty, professors, and alumni can all progress forward together. Just as there is a saying that we share multitudes of happiness and suffer less when we share the burden together, we will work with our SeoulTech family to overcome any obstacles that we face together. It is not just obstacles that we face but the fruits of our labor and progress in the future. We will create a dignified university that provides freedom together by giving our students and alumni pride and our faculty members happiness.


To our distinguished guests,
I ask that you provide support and love to our university so that we may further contribute to our country and our local community. Thank you for participating today despite your busy schedules. I hope that your upcoming year will be filled with luck and blessings. Thank you.

SeoulTech President Lee Dong Hoon




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