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Title 2018 SeoulTech International Summer School (STISS)
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2018 SeoulTech International Summer School (STISS)
87 participating students from 46 universities in 25 countries


On July 27, the Office of International Education of SeoulTech ended the 2018 SeoulTech International Summer School (STISS). The STISS, which celebrated its 11th anniversary this year, was held for two weeks from July 16 to 27. It involved 87 students from 46 universities in 25 countries across the world.


Over 80 foreign students who visited our school immersed themselves in the K-POP dancing craze in the summer heat. The Office of International Education has been holding international summer school programs every summer break. It both invites students from overseas and provides SeoulTech students with opportunities to study abroad.


Through Korean language classes and special lectures on Korean culture, foreign students experienced SeoulTech life and learning as well as Korean culture. The STISS program also recruited twenty SeoulTech students to volunteer and interact with foreign students. The foreign students who participated in the STISS completed the program and returned to their home countries after the closing and farewell dinner held on July 27.


Director of International Education Nam Kiheon stated, “Through the STISS program, we strive to promote Korea and SeoulTech by providing a platform of international communication between overseas exchange students and STISS volunteer students. We will continue to promote cooperation with global institutions.”



▲ President Kim Jong Ho and Director Nam Kiheon of the STISS taking pictures with participating students at the 2018 STISS Opening Ceremony



▲ Foreign students following K-POP choreographies

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