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Title K-MOOC Offline Special Lecture on Robotics
Writer admin ReadCount 500 Date 2018-08-29

The Utilization of Arduino taught in theory and practice


The K-MOOC (Korea Massive Open Online Course) is a service that allows anyone to listen to college courses online, regardless of the number of participants. You can take a variety of courses on the official site (


A special lecture was requested by 26 students from the Gimcheon High School engineering club who wished to meet the professor whose lectures they had followed online. As a result, a special offline lecture was held by Mechanical System Design Engineering Professor Park Hee Jae.




The lecture combined basic theory and practice under the topic “The Utilization of Arduino.” It was attended by a total of 46 participants (including from the general public).


Eighteen-year-old Gimcheon High School student Oh Sewon confessed, “I’ve always dreamed of studying robotics and I was excited to learn and practice Arduino Basic Theory.”


Yang Hyun-dong, a 19-year-old student at Gimcheon High, said, "It was stimulating to be able to listen to a real offline lecture by a university professor while attending the K-MOOC. When I try to use online content for study, the sources tend to be unclear and unprofessional. The lectures of the K-MOOC include professional contents.” Yang expressed his enthusiasm for the stimulation provided by the K-MOOC.




Meanwhile, SeoulTech has been developing courses on Robotics and Electric Vehicle Drive Control since 2017. In the second half of this year, the school plans to launch lectures on robots used in various environments—including sea, land, and sky—under the label of Advanced Robotics.

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