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Title SeoulTech chosen in the 2017 National University Innovation Support Project of the Ministry of Education for the 4th Consecutive Year Date 2017-05-10 ReadCount 742

SeoulTech chosen in the 2017 National University Innovation Support Project of the Ministry of Education for the 4th Consecutive Year


SeoulTech to receive a total of 2 billion KRW in project funds over 2 years (until 2018)


On May 2nd, SeoulTech (President: Kim Jong Ho) was chosen to be part of the 2017 National University Innovation Support Project hosted by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Educational Development Center. This is the fourth consecutive year the university is chosen for the project, after first being selected in 2014. The National University Innovation Support Project analyzes the specialization efforts of each national university and chooses to invest and support national universities that are competitive in developing their own model to improve the innovative capabilities of national universities in areas such as mutual cooperation between universities, university operations and the functions and roles of national universities, and contribution to the development of the nation and the respective region.


 As a result, SeoulTech will receive 2 billion KRW in support funds over 2 years (2017-2018). The university plans to use these funds to implement innovative projects such as the operation and establishment of new educational programs, a practical learning-d 5-year undergraduate and master’s research program, and a BEAR (Best Education for Applied Research) educational model for the training of elite researchers.


In addition, SeoulTech will also pursue its efforts engaged in previous national university innovation support projects, including focusing on the roles of national universities, increasing the efficiency of university operational systems, enforcing a transparent university accounting system, and expanding the mutual cooperation and exchange programs between universities for students.


President Kim Jong Ho said, “As a national university, SeoulTech has done its best to contribute to the regional community, and it will continue to work to improve the role played by the university and to participate in different cooperation projects. We will continue to invest in the development of the regional community and the nation.” In addition, SeoulTech Planning Head Kwon Oh Yeol said, “Our selection in the innovation support project is a result of the SeoulTech family’s hard work. We will do our best to a unique SeoulTech development model and to carry out our work as part of the National University Innovation Support Project successfully.”


Meanwhile, SeoulTech continues to invest in its efforts to establish a creative SeoulTech that plans for the future of humanity through its University Development Plan, SeoulTech 2020. This fourth consecutive selection in the National University Innovation Support project, together with being recognized as the best university in the National University Transparency Review by the National Commission on Human Rights, receiving the top university recognition in the National University Employee Capability Development Review for the second consecutive year, selection as a Leading Entrepreneurship University by the Small and Medium Business Commission in 2017, selection as a Research Village project university by the Small and Medium Business Commission, and selection as an Intellectual Property Education university by the Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2017, shows the amazing progress SeoulTech has made in education, research, and administration.


Moreover, SeoulTech ranked in the top tier in the QS International University Review. Among other awards, it was also chosen as an exemplary case in the engineering field in the 2016 Ministry of Education’s University Specialization Project Progress Review, as a top institution in the Emergency Response Training Review of the National Safety Bureau, and as the best university in the Seoul City Energy Conservation Competition.