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Title Launch Ceremony of SeoulTech Volunteer Team Date 2017-01-05 ReadCount 701

Launch Ceremony of the SeoulTech Volunteer Team; Ready to Help our Community
First activities included a visit of the Shinheung Elderly Center on December 28th

SeoulTech (President, Kim Jong Ho) created the SeoulTech Volunteer Team to contribute to local community care and to build a culture of sharing with others. On December 26, 2016, President Kim Jong Ho, Department of External Cooperation Director Kwon Oh Yeol, Student Affairs Director Cha Kyung Chul, SeoulTech HQ Director Cho Bong Rae, College of Bio-Energy Dean Kang Sung Tae, and 100 other faculty members participated in the launching ceremony of the faculty’s volunteer team at the SeoulTech Conference Hall.

In the past, SeoulTech faculty members have visited other social care centers, helped in local events, and participated in environmental cleaning activities. They have now decided to create a volunteer team to allow for the more systematic planning of events and for more participation.

 ▲ SeoulTech President Kim Jong Ho (Center), College of Bio-Energy Dean Kang Sung Tae, Director of Planning Kwon Oh Yeol, Student Affairs Director Cha Kyung Chul, SeoulTech HQ Director Cho Bong Rae, and 100 other faculty members cheering at the December 26th launching ceremony
SeoulTech plans to hold more volunteering activities and events after creating the official volunteer team. More than 100 SeoulTech faculty members and students held a “Kimchi of Love 2016” event on November 11, 2016 to provide kimchi to underprivileged families and elderly people. SeoulTech’s Love Sharing Construction Volunteering Program has also been offering painting, flooring, and other construction and renovation services to improve the living conditions of those living in hard conditions since 2008. In addition, the “Know Your Local Culture” Program has provided education on the Nowon-gu local cultural heritage to local community members.
President Kim Jong Ho said, “SeoulTech has participated in many volunteering events over the past 2-3 years. I hope that we will be able to do even more as we create this new volunteer team. Please help those who need our care, and provide them with happiness and comfort. Let’s become a more socially conscious school after receiving the 2016 Community Service Award from the Universities of Korea Newspaper.”
SeoulTech Volunteer Team leader Cho Bong Rae said, “We are happy to serve both our school and our community. I hope to share more time with our community members and to make an impact.”
At the launching ceremony, Saint Peter Care Center Head Jung Woo Seok, who delivered a lecture on the role of volunteers, said, “I have delivered many lectures, but I have never been touched personally as I am today. It is beautiful to see so many faculty members actively volunteering for their community today.”

 ▲ SeoulTech Volunteer Team Head Cho Bong Rae and other members taking a ceremonial photograph with Director Cho Sung Geuk after their service at the Shinheung Elderly Center on December 28th

SeoulTech Volunteer Team’s first community service activity took place on December 28, 2016, as they visited the Shinheung Elderly Care Center and helped the elderly with their meals and held a musical performance. They also offered funding to the Center. Elder Jang (88), who participated in the event, said, “I hope that they will visit more often, and I have never been as happy as I was today.” SeoulTech Volunteer Team member Yoon Sung Chu said, “I came here to help the elderly today but I leave taking more than I have been able to give.”

The SeoulTech Volunteer Team will provide heating coal for underprivileged families and the elderly this coming January.