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Title Former SeoulTech President Nam Goong Geun Publishes Public Administration and Policy in Korea Date 2017-09-28 ReadCount 64

- Kukmin University Professor Cho Kyeong Ho and SeoulTech Professor Kim Sang Mook contributed to the publishing of Public Administration and Policy in Korea


Professor Nam Goong Geun (former president of SeoulTech), Professor Kyung-Ho Cho of the IT Policy Department of Seoul National University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as Kim Jong-ho) Korea "was published by Routledge, a UK-accredited UK publishing company.


This book comprehensively covers the development process of Korean government and government policy. Part 1: Historical Context of Korean Government and Government Policy, Part 2: Main Dimensions of Korean Administration, Part 3: Government Policy in Major Areas, It consists of four parts and fourteen parts.


Guy B. Peters, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, said in a recommendation, "This book provides insights into how Korea determines and enforces policies."


"The miracle of Korea was achieved not only by economic performance but also by the backing of Korean government capacity," said Professor Geert Bouckaert, who is the chairman of the World Association of Administrative Societies in Belgium. “It has not only contributed to Korea's success, and it has a validity not only in Korea but also in Asia. "