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Title Professor Park Jong Hyuk Publishes Paper in the IEEE Comm Journal Date 2017-09-14 ReadCount 59

Professor Park Jonghyuk of SeoulTech published his paper in the September issue of IEEE Communication Magazine, the world's top 1% magazine in related fields.

Professor Park, Jonghyuk, and Professor Pradip Kumar Sharma of the Ph.D. program, together worked on the “Distributed Block Chain-based Secure SDN Architecture (DisBlockNet: A Distributed Blocks-d Secure SDN Architecture for IoT Networks)”. They proposed a secure and efficient distributed network structure using IoT and block-chain technology, which is one of the key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution that has emerged recently.

Meanwhile, Professor Park leads the UCS Lab. (Http:// conducting computer security and IoT related research, and is actively conducting research with 4 doctoral students and 5 master's students. Last year, he published a paper on cloud computing security in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications, which is known as the top 5% of the world's journals.