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Title Professor Jwa Sung Hoon’s Joint Research Team Successfully Develops Wearable Strain Sensors Date 2017-08-01 ReadCount 63

Professor Jwa Sung Hoon’s Joint Research Team Successfully Develops Wearable Strain Sensors
Expected to Greatly Improve Posture Correction Healthcare Systems, Remote Robot Surgery Technology, etc.

SeoulTech Nano IT Design Fusion Graduate School (Dean Park Goo Man) Professor Jwa Sang Hoon, doctoral candidate Jung Hoon Sun and GIST Professor Ko Hong Jo’s joint research team successfully developed wearable strain sensors that can control sensitivity. * Strain Sensor: Sensors that can measure the rate of change of an object through changes in electric signals.

The development of wearable strain sensors is expected to bring great improvements to remote robot controlled surgery technology and the increase of user convenience of healthcare systems that can confirm biometric signals and posture correction in the medical field.

Wearable strain sensors are key technologies that are being implemented in future healthcare and robotics fields. Existing wearable strain sensor technology has been unable to simulate a comprehensive rate of change and a high rate of sensitivity and there have been technological limitations in simulating certain rates of change according to the intent of use and the part of body the sensors are being used on.

This study focused on developing strain sensors that can improve and control sensitivity by improving such limitations. Professor Jwa’s joint research team implemented a structure that is flexible in the elastic material that comprises the sensors allowing them to freely control the sensitivity of the sensors. SeoulTech doctoral candidate Jung Hoon Sun was also able to prove the effects and influences that flexible structures have on the sensitivity awareness of the sensors.

The results of this study was published in one of the world’s most renowned academic journals, Small, on its cover page on June 20th and has spread the word on the importance of the study’s progress.