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Title The 39th International Coffee Hour: Experience Samulnori Date 2017-10-19 ReadCount 405
Writer Language Education Team

Dear International and Korean Students at SeoulTech.


Thank you everyone for your attendance and participation in the 39th International Coffee Hour!


With the theme of "Experience Samulnori," Haebang Pungmul Band of SeoulTech performed Pungmulnori (Farmer's dances) for us.  What an amazing show!  We were all blown away by their performance.  Participants were able to try out Korean traditional musical instruments, 꽹과리(Kkaenggwari), 장구(Janggu), 북(Buk), 징(Jing) and 소고(Sogo), as well as tasting delicious cookies and bread from our local bakeries.  

I hope you all enjoyed the second International Coffee Hour this semester. Next coffee hour will feature "TRIVIA NIGHT."  There will be small gift of coffee coupons for those who answer the most trivia questions.  We hope to see you all next month! 
- Language Education Team, Office of International Education
▲ Group photo at the 39th Internaitonal Coffee Hour
▲ Haebang Pungmul Band of SeoulTech performed for us!
▲ With a theme of "Experience Samulnori", participants tried out Korean traditional nusical instruments.