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Title he Da Vinci Human Resource Development Team Participates in CES 2017 Date 2017-01-31 ReadCount 174

The Da Vinci Talent Development Team Participates in CES 2017

SeoulTech entered student projects in the world’s largest electronics expo for the second consecutive year

The SeoulTech Da Vinci Talent Development Team (Da Vinci Project Team Head: Kim Young-seok) participated in the 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world's largest electronics show held in Las Vegas on January 5-8.

In this competition, SeoulTech, Seoul National University, and Hanyang University introduced their students’ innovative products and confirmed the products’ potential to become global start-up opportunities. In particular, SeoulTech, which was the first Korean university to send an undergraduate student representative last year, was taking part in the CES for its second consecutive year.

   ▲ (Left) Noh Ji-ho introducing the “Head Tracking Robot using HMD”.
       (Right) National Assembly member (Nowon-gu) visits the booth and hears the participants’ explanations.

SeoulTech’s Da Vinci project group, which comprises 6 professors and 12 students, entered 10 products, including the “multi-material transfer molding 3D printer” (with a function that outputs two types of materials at the same time to create products), the “multi-axis 3D printer” (a 6-axis parallel-type 3D printer that can fix and maintain printed products), a smart transport assist robot, and a 3D color scanner.

In particular, the “ice cup maker” exhibited by Heo In Sung – who focuses on establishing and selling items – attracted a lot of attention. Heo In Sung has received requests to work as a student intern in several overseas companies, including a French 3D company. In addition, MSIP ITTP Director Sanghong Lee, National Assembly members Ahn Cheol-su, Sung-Soo Kim, Ko Young Jin, and Song Hee Kyung, and former Minister of Information and Communication Jin Dae-Jae visited the booth and directly interacted with the products and praised students and their work.

   ▲ (Left) Kim Young-seok demonstrating the operation of the ice cup making machine.
   (Right) Photo of the multi-material projection molding 3D printer.

Kim Young-seok said, "Thanks to our participation in the CES 2017, local officials have shown great interest in the work of our students. The project team is receiving many inquiries. Next year, we plan to expand the scope of our future participation."