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Title “SeoulTech Introduces Nowon-gu’s Cultural Heritage” Date 2016-12-28 ReadCount 323

“SeoulTech Introduces Nowon-gu’s Cultural Heritage”
Department of External Cooperation holds a final ceremony for the Know Your Local Cultural Heritage Program

SeoulTech’s Department of External Cooperation (Planning Director, Kwon Oh Yeol) held the concluding ceremony for the Know Your Local Cultural Heritage Program at the SeoulTech Meeting Hall on December 5, 2015. As part of SeoulTech’s local community service efforts, current students acted as “cultural experts” to give Nowon-gu middle school students the opportunity to learn more about their local culture. 

  ▲ “Cultural Expert” Han Bo Geun explaining the Wolgyedong Gakshimjae, a local cultural heritage

SeoulTech students taught more than 400 middle school students from different Nowon-gu schools, including the Sangye Middle School, the Joongwon Middle School, and the Joongpyeong Middle School, over 9 lessons on Nowon-gu’s cultural heritage, such as the Wolgyedong Gakshimjae, Taegangneung, and Lee Yoon Tak, in November 2016.

Department of External Cooperation Director Hyun Yong Woon said, “This was the first edition of our local cultural heritage education program and it received an amazing response from our SeoulTech volunteer students as well as from the middle school students. We hope to pursue this program in the coming year and to continue to participate in the conservation and awareness of our local heritage as local community members.”

 ▲ (From Left) Choo Sun Kyung, Na Yoo Jung, Shin Mi Ryung, Lee Yeon Joo, Park Soo Bin, Hyun Yong Woon, Cho Soo Yeon, Han Bo Geun, Jang Joon Young, Hyun Joon Seok, and Jang Jung Mok taking a ceremonial photograph at the final ceremony