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Title Creating a Platform for Korean-Chinese Technology Ventures Date 2016-12-22 ReadCount 259

Creating a Platform for Korean-Chinese Technology Ventures
SeoulTech signs a technology venture collaboration MOU with China’s SIAT

Korea and China will work together to create a collaborative platform for basic research progress and future technology ventures. SeoulTech’s Industrial Academic Center (Vice President, Park Ik Geun) signed a “Korean-Chinese Technology Venture Collaboration MOU” with China’s SIAT on December 9th, 2016.

   ▲ (From left) Research Progress Application Center Director Cho Yong Bum, Yonsei University Wonju Campus Vice President Yoon Bang Seop, SeoulTech Industrial Academic Vice President Park Ik Geun, KIST Vice Director Lim Tae Hoon, and China SIAT Vice Director She Gienguo taking a ceremonial photograph.

Created by the China Academy of Sciences, SIAT is an institution with more than 2000 researchers specializing in state-of-the-art computing, intelligence systems, and biomedical research. SIAT earns more than 10 billion won though patent licensing, and transfers technology to more than 1000 collaborative companies. 
The MOU will allow the two institutions to collaborate with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, China’s Science and Technology Department, and the China Academy of Sciences to start ventures and a research and business development project through the Korean-Chinese Technology Venture Collaboration Platform.

SeoulTech has chosen intelligent robots, medical equipment, and IoT (Internet of Things) as its primary collaborative fields, and it will also work with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance’s COMPA, the KIST, the Yonsei University Wonju Campus, and the intellectual property institution KISTA. The institutions will work together to create top-class basic technology, design joint research projects, discover leading companies, and offer technology consulting.

SeoulTech Industrial Academic Center Vice President Park Ik Geun said, “The MOU signed today builds a foundation for the foreign technology ventures that our government is working to develop. On the strength of our experiences on the Seoul University Technology Holding Company Establishment Project and the Joint TMC Project, which will allow technology ventures to grow, SeoulTech will be the main institution involved. We will work with specialized research centers and intellectual property experts to further globalize our companies and to allow for new technologies to be imported to Korea.”