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Title 2016 Engineering Education Festival held at Ilsan KINTEX from November 10th Date 2016-11-03 ReadCount 384

SeoulTech won many awards, including silver medal, university of the year, etc.
The 2016, 5th "Engineering Education Festival (E² FESTA)" sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce was held at KINTEX, Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on November 10th and 11th, 2016. In particular, SeoulTech (President, Kim Jong-ho) hosted this event as a center for engineering education and innovative business.

▲ President Kim Jong Ho giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Engineering Education Festival
The "University of the Year" awards of the "2016 Engineering Education Festival" went to the following: Grand Prize, Yeungnam University; Gold Prize, Pusan University; Silver Prize, SeoulTech; and Bronze Prize, Myung Ji College. 22 excellent SeoulTech teams won the excellent Capstone Design works among 218 excellent Capstone Design works by 93 engineering colleges in Korea.
 The "Transparent LED Film" of the Seoul National University was awarded the Prime Minister Award, while the “Multi-Axis 3D Printer” of SeoulTech’s MA3P team received the Minister of Industry and Commerce Award, and the “electric bicycle kit integrated on front wheel using 3D printer" of the Byulyechaga team (Advisor, Prof. Jang Dong-young) was awarded the President of the Korea Techno Park Council Award.
  In addition, Park Jong-hyuk, a Mechanical Automotive Engineering student, won the Excellence Prize from the Engineering Promotion Ambassador, and Kim Hee-jung, an official of the Engineering Education Innovation Center, received a commendation from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
Status of SeoulTech Awards
 - Awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in Creative Design Competition: MA3P Team (Advisor, Prof. Kim Sung Hwan)
 - Awarded by the Korean Techno Park Council President in Creative Design Competition: Byulyechaga team (Adjunct, Prof. Jang Dong-young)
 - President of Engineering Education Innovation Council Award (Excellence Prize in Engineering Promotion Ambassador Award): Jong Hyuk, Dept of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering
 - Commendation from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Engineering Education Innovation Achievement Award): Hee Jung Kim, Engineering Education Innovation Center

2016 University of the Year Awards
 - Grand Prize: Yeungnam University
 - Gold Prize: Pusan National University
 - Silver Prize: SeoulTech
 - Bronze Prize: Myongji College
In this event, which attracted about 20,000 people under the theme of "engineering talents create future industries," the exhibition included awarded Capstone Designs as well as student works from industry-academia cooperation programs and from various engineering-related programs, such as an experience exhibition (job concert, engineering band), engineering education conference, industry meeting, start-up investment idea contest, and a junior engineering class.

 ▲ 11 teams received awards from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

In addition, the "Dongbu Daewoo Electronics technology to prevent door step deflection through a rigid refrigerator cabinet design", the "Airless tire plastic wheel, tread design and analysis (Pyeonghwa Holdings)", and the "IoT: a healthcare product or service model proposal (Hyundai Motor) that can provide a new and useful car user experience", which had been selected as joint venture projects last year, were presented and exhibited.
  The international Capstone Design exhibition led by SeoulTech drew attention as it exhibited and presented the Capstone Design tasks of leading overseas universities from countries including the USA, Hong Kong, and Japan.
Professor Jae Won-jong, who chairs the Engineering Education Center of SeoulTech and the Engineering Education Innovation Conference, said, "Through this 2016 Engineering Education Festival, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the talent of creative manpower with the fusion mindset pursued by SeoulTech and to establish the status of Korean engineering education, recognizing the need and importance of engineering manpower.”