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Title SeoulTech Preschool Opens for Faculty Members and Families Date 2016-10-12 ReadCount 2134

Offering a cultural framework for faculties’ child care issues

SeoulTech (President, Kim Jong Ho) held the opening ceremony for its new preschool, whose construction was completed on the 11th. The preschool was built to solve issues of child care provision for faculty members. President Kim Jong Ho, Academic Dean Kim Yeon Tae, Industrial Academic Dean Park Ik Geun, and other distinguished guests attended the event.

   ▲ SeoulTech preschool opening
(From Left) Administrative Director Cho Bong Rae, Industrial Academic Dean Park Ik Geun, Kinderschule Representative Kim Eun Kyung, President Kim Jong Ho, Preschool Principal Choi Young In, and Academic Dean Kim Yeon Tae

The construction of the SeoulTech preschool began in March. It is a three-story building with an area of 481㎡ that comprises 4 classrooms, a playroom, a principal’s office, a teacher’s office, a cafeteria, a mini garden, an indoor playground, and other state-of-the-art facilities.

The preschool has space to welcome 49 students under the age of 5, and will mainly accept faculty members’ children. The classes will be designed according to age, and creative play and 3-dimensional educational programs will be provided by the Kinderschule Child Care Management Research Center.

President Kim said, “The SeoulTech Preschool will allow our faculties and their families to be closer. We will continue to show a lot of love and attention to make sure that we build a high-quality educational facility.”