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Title SeoulTech Ranks High in the Humanities Field in the 2016 Joongang Daily Academic Major Review Date 2016-10-06 ReadCount 266

SeoulTech’s English Literature major achieves same rank as Seoul National University and Yonsei University

SeoulTech (President, Kim Jong Ho) received top rankings for its English Literature Major and its Management Major as part of Joongang Daily’s Humanities Academic Major Review conducted on the 51st anniversary of the Joongang Daily.
  ▲(Left) The English Newspaper published by SeoulTech English Literature major students

  ▲(Right) SeoulTech’s Management major invites industry heads as well as Samsung executives every week

The review evaluated 78 4-year universities and 7 majors (English Literature, Management, Social Services, Psychology, Child Education, Political Science, and Chinese Literature). SeoulTech took part in the evaluations of the English Literature and Management majors.

  ▲ English Literature and Management major rankings (within top 10)

The review evaluated 14 different areas, including professors and their research, the employment rate, academic aid, etc. A top rating was awarded if the combined scores were within the top 10%, with 25% and 50% of institutions being given a “high” and a “medium range” rating, respectively. SeoulTech received excellent grades for the “Papers per Professor”, the “Percentage of Financial Aid Provided”, and the “Experiential Education”, which contributed to its top rating. With these results, SeoulTech proves that it excels not only in the engineering field, but also in the humanities, following its positive results in the QS International Top Universities Review Rankings.

  ▲ Individual analysis of majors and their rankings (within top 10)

President Kim said, “The development of our universities start with our majors, and we are continuously striving to improve our academic programs. As Seoul’s only national general university, we will focus on creating excellent majors that perform well both nationally and internationally.”