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Title SeoulTech’s 2017 Early Admissions Competition Rate Is 15.38 to 1 Date 2016-10-06 ReadCount 309

SeoulTech’s 2017 Early Admissions Competition Rate of 15.38 to 1
Showing signs of increase while other schools show a declining trend

SeoulTech (President, Kim Jong Ho) closed its early admission program, and announced that its 2017 academic year early admission competition rates were 15.38 to 1, for 1,489 spots. More than 22,902 applicants applied to the early admission program open from September 13th to 20th. SeoulTech’s competition rate is higher than last year’s and has been increasing  annually, while those of other schools are declining.

▲ Changes in yearly early admission rates
The essay admission rate was 46.67 to 1, as compared with 32.36 to 1 last year. Two of the main admission rates, the academic excellence admission rate and the major excellence admission rate, increased to 5.57 and 8.24, respectively. This shows that interest in SeoulTech is generally increasing. The veteran admission rate, the low-income family admission rate, the agricultural family admission rate, and the portfolio admission rate were 3.56, 5.92, 5.81, and 22.43, respectively.
On the other hand, the Continued Studies Project showed a low competition rate of 0.76 to 1. The project focuses on postgraduate studies as well as students over 30 who wish to continue their studies. We believe that a high number of students were unable to apply to the early admission program, and this number is expected to increase during the regular admission period.  

Admissions Director Um In Yong said, “SeoulTech’s competition rate has been constantly increasing. This is seen as a direct result of being able to work with the government’s various funding programs, a strong financial aid program, and diverse global academic curricula.”

SeoulTech will select accepted students after the results of the Korean history examination held on December 14th are released.