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Title SeoulTech Hosts First International Students’ Day
Writer admin ReadCount 955 Date 2019-11-26

SeoulTech Hosts First International Students’ Day


Introduced foods from different countries and organized a talent show



SeoulTech’s Department of International Education hosted the first International Students’ Day on October 31st. The festivities included booths introducing foods from different countries as well as a talent show.


From 10 am to 2 pm at Hyanghak-ro, four booths from the Coalition of Independent States, China, Mongolia, and Vietnam were open. The booths introduced guests to food from each nation with dishes such as mooncakes, malatang, and dumplings.


The Talent Show was hosted at Centennial Hall and started at 3:00 pm with participants displaying traditional dances and songs.


The top prize in the talent show was awarded to the Aska team from Belarus. Awards were also presented to the Uzbegim team from Uzbekistan, the Vinahouse team, and the Champions team from Vietnam.




▲Picture of the First International Students’ Day


More countries are expected to participate in the event next year.


The Department of International Education is also planning to host the fifth SeoulTech Korean Speech Contest. The subjects will be “My Favorite Thing About Korean Culture” and “The Most Surprising Thing I Have Experienced in Korea”. The purpose of the event is to allow foreign exchange students and international students to gain more interest in Korea as well as better understand Korean culture. The contest was first hosted in 2015 and has been held annually in autumn. Teams of 1 to 5 people participate and are allowed to present freely for 5 to 6 minutes.


▲2018 Korean Speech Contest


The contest will be divided into two categories: one for students participating in the SeoulTech Korean program and international and foreign exchange students currently attending SeoulTech. The winning team along with all participating teams will be given cultural certificates. A total of ten teams will participate in the contest with two Korean course instructors and the Head of the Department of International Education acting as judges.

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