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Title United Club Committee Hosts the Boramchan Celebration Ceremony
Writer admin ReadCount 308 Date 2019-10-30

United Club Committee Hosts the Boramchan Celebration Ceremony

United Club Committee hosts a successful SeoulTech autumn celebration event


The SeoulTech United Club Committee hosted the celebration event on September 24th in two parts. The first part was held from 11AM to 5PM at Yanghakro and the second part with club performances was held from 6PM.


The clubs that participated were the art and cartoon club Geurimrang, band Gray Mood, orchestra club Snuto, street dance club Yeolhyulmoogun, animal rights volunteer club Seogogo, integrated board club Tabota, and soccer club FC CTRL, with Seogogo offering merchandise and FC CTRL offering dart activities in addition to other events.


▲Participatory activities being held at club booths


Food trucks were available during the first half of the event with dishes including hot dogs, chicken skewers, steaks, hamburgers, shrimp courses, sandwiches, waffles, ice cream, and more. Food truck discount coupons were offered upon showing student ID at the United Club Committee booth.



The United Club Committee also offered tents available from 11AM to 5PM and mats from 11AM to 10PM, for people to rest as they watched the performances.




The main event of the ceremony was performances by the main clubs Gray Mood, Unified Morning, Liberation Korean Traditional Music, Sori Sarang, Saemachi, I AM, and Rap Stars, along with performances by invited guests Cheese and the band Soran.

▲Singer Cheese performing


The 2019 Boramchan Celebration was a success thanks to The United Club Committee and all representatives and participants.

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