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Title Lifelong Education Center and Pocheon City Hall Sign an MOU for Science and Creativity Fusion Education
Writer SEOULTECH ReadCount 228 Date 2019-07-31

Lifelong Education Center and Pocheon City Hall Sign an MOU for Science and Creativity Fusion Education

SeoulTech Lifelong Education Center signed an Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) for extended science and creativity fusion education with the Pocheon City Hall on June 17.

The signing ceremony was a result of the Korea Science and Creativity Foundation’s Science and Creativity Fusion Education Project that SeoulTech participated in last March as well as the National University Development Project that Pocheon City has been actively supporting.

▲ Group photo of the MOU signing

SeoulTech Lifelong Education Center strives to expand its responsibilities as a national university by offering non-degree programs in Seoul and North Gyeonggi areas for such purposes as re-education, transitional education and social education to fulfill the goals of “lifelong educational programs.”

The center plans to offer programs focused on necessary education, use the university’s skilled faculty members, offer infrastructure and facilities of the university and strengthen the university brand as it offers educational programs for Pocheon City students and their parents.

Also, there will be opportunities for students to discover different careers, majors and experiences related to the 4th Industrial Revolution by offering teamwork training through after-school courses and regular courses for elementary and middle school students. Moreover, there are plans for additional education related to job transitions, social entrepreneurship, new career planning, lifelong education, teamwork courses on communication and STEAM education for all generations including students and their parents.

SeoulTech Lifelong Education Center Head Kim Sung Gon said, “We are planning to expand Pocheon City’s Lifelong Education Basic Plan by focusing on STEAM education and contributing to elementary and middle school education, as well as offering special educational programs for military parents and their children, social corporate education, specialized education and projects for Pocheon City, STEAM education for adults, certification programs and work programs for unemployed people.”

Pocheon City Mayor Park Yoon Gook said, “In a changing educational environment and a lack of educational infrastructure in our city, science and creativity fusion education might be a term that is unfamiliar in a place where the most recent educational info is unavailable. However, we hope that through the signing of this MOU, we will be able to have students and their parents participate in the creation of a specialized science and creativity fusion education program in order to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

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