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Title SeoulTech Signs MOU with Korea Productivity Headquarters
Writer SEOULTECH ReadCount 155 Date 2019-07-31

SeoulTech Signs MOU with Korea Productivity Headquarters

Signed to cultivate a skilled workforce, joint research and sharing experiences in order to promote mutual development

SeoulTech signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for research cooperation and student exchanges with the Korea Productivity Headquarters at the President’s Office on June 12. Korea Productivity Headquarters Chairman Noh Gyu Sung and representatives from both institutions attended the signing ceremony.

▲SeoulTech President Kim Jong Ho (Left)

▲Noh Gyu Sung Korea Productivity Headquarters Chairman (Center)

The contents of MOU cover the development of educational programs and activities, the development of an internship program, cooperation on educational training and consulting, cooperation on teaching and research staff exchanges as well as facilities, development of global and national educational projects, and additional items as deemed necessary.
Both institutions will promote and work towards mutual development by sharing experiences, joint research and training skilled workers through the MOU.

President Kim said, “Both institutions will work closely together to improve our productivity by coming up with new ways to grow and respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

▲President Kim and Chairman No taking a ceremonial photo after the signing of the MOU

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