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Title SeoulTech Holds Fire Drills for Civil Defense Training and Dormitories
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SeoulTech Holds Fire Drills for Civil Defense Training and Dormitories
Increasing response capabilities in emergency situations through active crisis simulation training


SeoulTech (President Kim Jong Ho) held fire drills as a part of civil defense training on March 20th and for dormitories on March 21st.

For the fire drill held as a part of the 410th Civil Defense Training for all school members, the main goals were to enforce safety awareness, relay standard procedures in case of a fire, expand the number of participants in the civil defense training and offer safety related education for faculty members.


▲Faculty members exiting the building.


At 2 P.M., the faculty members joined together at the designated evacuation place as sirens and broadcasts alerting a fire breakout began. For the purpose of relaying standard procedures in case of a fire and to increase initial response capabilities, an evacuation fire drill was held focused on providing an active crisis simulation. Moreover, fire safety education was provided at the 100th Anniversary Hall in order to teach standard procedures in case of a fire.


Disaster and Safety Management Department Head Jung Yong Hyeon said, “In the case that an emergency situation occurs, it is important that people continue to practice standard procedures consistently through fire drill simulations in order to limit any resulting danger.”

[Standard Procedures in a Fire Breakout]
△Initial responders should alert people of a fire breakout in a loud voice.

△Press the manual switch of the alarm siren and the fire extinguisher.

△Evacuate the premises through the stairs and avoid using elevators.

△Cover one’s mouth and nose with a wet towel and move forward in a low position.



Approximately 250 faculty members and students from the Buram, KB, Soorim, Yangmyeong, Sunglim and Noori Dormitories and SeoulTech Academic House participated in the dormitory fire evacuation drill held on the 21st.


▲ The drill was held as an actual fire situation in front of the KB Dormitory.


The nighttime fire drill was held after 8 P.M. in consideration of students’ schedules and specific places were selected for fire simulations in order to review the evacuation procedures and initial response systems of the students living in the dormitories and the faculty members.


After practical training on how to evacuate and use fire extinguishers, the participants moved to the cafeteria on the first floor of the Sunglim Dormitory and received safety education on how to use fire extinguishers, gas masks, fire prevention, evacuation procedures and other fire safety related training.

▲Disaster and Safety Management Department Member Maeng Joo Hyun leading the safety training session.



The fire drill was finished after a personnel check and snacks were offered to the students for participating actively in the fire drill.


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