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Title SeoulTech Hosts Commencement for the Class of 2018
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SeoulTech Hosts Commencement for the Class of 2018
“Lead a paradigm shift in the world with a spirit of cooperation and creation”


SeoulTech (President Kim Jong Ho) hosted the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2018 at the 100th Memorial Hall on February 22.



The President, Vice President, Dean of Graduate Scho, professors, various faculty members, and family members of the Class of 2018 joined the graduating class with 2,200 people attending the ceremony. 

After the Dean of Academic Affairs presented the academic report, President Kim gave his commencement speech.




President Kim said, “We hope that our graduates will lead a global paradigm shift with a spirit of cooperation and creation. They must lead changes to our society with a focus on human networks.”


Vice President of the Alumni Committee Kim Sung Kwan and Honorary Dean of the College of Engineering Yoo Byung Chan also gave speeches. 53 doctorate degrees, 7 master’s degrees, 8 bachelor’s degrees, 6 undergraduate academic excellence awards, 1 excellence in academic paper award, 1 undergraduate meritorious award, and 1 alumni award were awarded with a total of 1,869 degree candidates given degrees.


Students who received excellence in academic paper awards from each program at the graduate school level are listed below.


The commencement ceremony ended with all attendees singing the school song.




Graduate School
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of Mechanical Engineering 159732104 Nguyen Hoang Son Development of a polyhedral element for the analysis of hexahedral-dominant finite element models and its applications
Department of Mechanical Engineering 159732105 Cheon Young Jo An efficient algorithm for contact analysis of material particles with finite elements and crack propagation analysis using material point method coupled with phase field model
Convergence Institute of Biomedical  Engineering and Biomaterials 159758108 Park Jin Sang Improving Direction for Physical Properties of Asphalt Mastic based on Analyzing the Causes of the Oil Leakage Phenomenon and Development of the Test Method
Department of Fine Chemistry 159721102 Xuan Song Hua Bioactivities of Coffee Silverskin Extract and Its Active Compound Atractyligenin on UVA-mediated Anti-photoaging Effect
Master’s Degree
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of Mechanical Design and Robot Engineering 17510047 Jeon Da Som A Study on Simple Estimation of Plastic Limit Loads for Complex-Cracked Pipes with Two-Layered Materials
Department of Materials Science & Engineering 17510088 Kim yong A Study on the fabrication of memristor Crossbar Array Structures and Synapse Characteristics
Department of Automotive Engineering 17510111 Han DongWoon Fatigue Strength Evaluation of Self-Piercing Riveted Magnesium Alloy and Cold Rolled Steel Joints under Mixed Mode Loading Conditions
Department of Smart Manufacturing Systems and Design Engineering 17510213 Shin Jeong Woo Ultra Thin ALD CeO2 Overcoating for Active and Stable Low Temperature-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode
Department of Food Science and Technology 17510177 Song Da Hye Ormosanine from Akebia quinata suppresses ethanol-induced inflammation and apoptosis and activates antioxidants via the MAPK signaling pathway
Department of Chemical Engineering 17510162 Kim Ji Hye Studies on the Cytotoxicity and Application of Gallium-Indium Liquid Metal
Department of Electrical and Information Engineering 17510156 Shim jae yeon The 1-Dimension Tightly Coupled Dipole Array Antenna Design for mmWave band mobile communications
Department of Visual Design 16512089 KO BONGSIN A Study on the Design Standards for Improvement of Application in Korean government Symbol Mark
Graduate School of Railway
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of Railway Construction Engineering 155716101 KIM SEON SEOK The Prediction Models for Longitudinal Fatigue Crack Growth & Management Criteria in Rail
Department of Railway Electrical & Signaling Engineering 145713151 KIM Doweon Astudy on the equivalent circuit of Railway AC 2x25kV Power System using 1:1 Ideal Transformer 
Department of Railway Management & Policy 145714105 Chung il bong Reduction Measures for Railway Accident Risks using Factor Analysis based on the SHEL Model
Master’s Degree
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of Rolling Stock System Engineering 17610006 song taeseop An Analysis of the Running Safety of Railway Vehicle for the Express to Urban Railway Line 3
Department of Railway Construction Engineering 17610020 Heo Cheolbum A study of Estimating Elastic Modulus of Subgrade by Correlation between Pagani Cone Test and Light Falling Weight Deflectometer
Department of Railway Electrical & Signaling Engineering 17610021 Kang kihyun Realization of MVB communication data logging and real time conversion device for interchangeability of railway vehicle parts equipments
Department of Railway Management & Policy 17610029 Park hyungwook A Study on the Improvement of the Safety of the Screen Doors with RAMS
Department of Railway Safety Engineering 17610037 choi yong kak A Research on the Optimal Service Life of Inverter System in EMU
Department of Railway System 17610087 Jung Kye Yong A Study on the Control of the Stop Position of the Train in the Automatic Operation Mode of Urban Railway
Railway Safety Department 17610099 Kim Heung Soo A Study on Railway Safety Culture through Learing Culture and Responsibility Mind of Driving Workers : Focused on the Organization, Operation Work, and Working Stress.
Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of Public Policy 116711151 Kim Jongwoo China's Rise in the Semiconductor Industry and the Role of the State: A Perspective of New Institutionalism
Department of Industrial & Information Systems 16620024 KIM DONGWOOK A Study on the Correlation between PMO (Project Management Office) Success Factor and Success Rate Using SEM (Structural Equation Model)
Department of Broadcasting & Communication Policy 16620033 CHO YONG SUCK Comparison Analysis of UHD Image Quality upon Audience Viewpoint
- Focused on Full HD, Upscaling UHD, 4K UHD Native
Master’s Degree
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of Industrial & Information Systems 17610039 Kim Kee-Hong Network and Technology Trends Analysis of Public IT Industry
Department of Broadcasting & Communication Policy 16612012 go seong su A Study on the Effectiveness of the Fake News Regulatory Act
Graduate School of Energy and Environment
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of New Energy Engineering 157711102 PARK Jeong Jin The electrochemical and colorimetric analysis of phosphoric acid poisoned on Pt based catalysts
Department of Environmental Energy Engineering 137812101 Kim Da Eun Development of TiO2 Nanotube Plate for Efficient Electrochemical Nitrate Reduction in Wastewater
Department of Energy System Engineering 157713103 LEE SONGWOO A study of central cooling and heating system on apartment houses.
Department of Energy Policy 067715103 Yoon seong pil An Empirical Study on the Methodology of Developing Technology Strategy for Korean New Energy Industries
Master’s Degree
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
Department of New Energy Engineering 17630001 kang suhyeon The development of anodic and cathodic catalysts to improve the performance of enzyme-based biofuel cells
Department of Environmental Energy Engineering 17610055 HAN HEEJOO A Study on Life Prediction of DSA Electrode Using Accelerated Life Time Test
Department of Energy Policy 17610062 Min Junghee A Study on Farmers' Perception of and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Rural Area of Myanmar: Focusing on the Mediating Effects of an International NGO
Department of Energy, Environment and Convergen 16612033 Lee Choongnam Analyzing the impact of adjustment in energy price on the general price level in Korea
Department of Safety and Environment Technology 17610128 Yoo Jun Hui Improvement of Construction Safety through Comparative Analysis between Construction Technology Promotion Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act
Graduate School of Nano IT Design Fusion
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
NanoIT Fusion Program 148711104 Lee Gihyeon Design of tendon-based haptic master device mechanism
Broadcasting & Communications Fusion Program 16620057 KIM YOUNG  EON Low frequency signal visualization conjugating real time feature extraction algorithm
Master’s Degree
Name of Department Student ID Name Title
NanoIT Fusion Program 16612022 Park JinYeong Electromechanical characteristics of stretchable Ag-Ecoflex composite electrode
Design & Engineering Program 17610072 OH SEYEON The Medicine Case Based on Internet of Things

■ Complete Transcript of President Kim’s Commencement Speech

“Lead a paradigm shift in the world with a spirit of cooperation and creation”
To the graduating class,


I congratulate all of you on your honorable graduation today. We have 53 doctorates, 322 masters, and 1,494 undergraduates graduating today. I know that each one of our graduates will begin their journey to becoming proud SeoulTech graduates who will shine. 


I am sure that each and every one of you spent long hours and invested hard work into your research and future path. In a society in which the economy is experiencing slow growth and low levels of employment, you have probably worked harder than ever. I feel your worries and know that you have put more into your studies than ever before. You have all done a great job and I would also like to thank all of your family members for the love and support that they have shown as well.


SeoulTech has experienced surprising levels of development during your time here. We are seeing increased performance from our freshman, and we have grown to become a global university that has exchanges with 280 universities in 57 countries. SeoulTech was also second among national universities and placed 19th among all universities in Korea according to the 2018 JoongAng Daily University Review. We placed first in entrepreneurial education, fourth in venture entrepreneurship, and seventh in academic scholarship rates as a result of focusing on students and their education, and have become one of the greatest national universities in Korea. We were also included in the top 3% of universities worldwide according to the QS University Review. This is a representation of SeoulTech and the global competitiveness of our graduates, and because of our graduates, SeoulTech has been able to develop so much. I thank each and every one of you for helping us to develop even further. We will work harder to grow into a university that offers new technology and values to compete with the best universities worldwide.


As I thank you today, I also want to provide you with some words that I hope will be of help to you as you graduate. As you are aware, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has now begun and a new society that will have unimaginable development in scientific technology in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other areas will be present within the next ten years. We will witness a world in which everything is connected and a hyperconnected society where people are connected to one another through digital means such as social networks like YouTube. In a recent TV program on Generation Z, we were able to see how people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s are using YouTube and SNS to communicate, create new economic activities, and raise their voice on social issues. This shows that we are already becoming a hyperconnected society. Breakthroughs in scientific technology and social networks present a paradigm shift in Korean society and the world.
In this transitional period, we may lose our jobs and humanity to artificial intelligence and robots, and there are worries that there will be greater divides between the digital generation and the generation of the past. However, if we are armed with a spirit of cooperation and creativity, we will be able to revolutionize our society and be given an opportunity to change the world. SeoulTech is leading the charge in cultivating future experts through our prowess in scientific technology. Aside from this, we will require the communication skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity skills. While I agree with all the 4Cs, I will focus on collaboration and creativity today. Without communication, collaboration cannot develop, and creativity cannot develop without critical thinking.


Many anthropologists believe that it was communication that allowed homo sapiens to become the first collective intellectual group to claim the world. I believe that one of the most essential factors that allowed for this is collaboration. First, collaboration with groups both internally and externally, and second, collaboration between generations. However, after the second industrial revolution, the world used the concept of freedom to promote selfishness and competition, which has resulted in our overlooking of the importance of collaboration, one of the most essential factors of human growth. The recent low levels of employment have created more competition and an unfortunate belief that we must be selfish in order to survive in this competitive environment. Now is the time where we must actively seek to communicate with others both in the respective groups that we are in and generationally. Both online and offline, different groups and generations must focus on the spirit of human networks and seek to make changes to society. I hope that you will be at the lead to create a world in which we support one another and live together. Become a pioneer in instilling collaboration and unity in the world.


Creativity is another essential factor that lead to the creation of collective intelligence. Robin Williams (1951-2014) was a famous American comedian who once said, “No matter what people say, words and ideas change the world.” Steve Jobs’ creativity gave us the smartphone and created a whole new world for us. In our society today, rather than praise individual creativity, we look down on such things. It is now time for our society to shed the totalitarian and authoritarian tendencies and change into a society that values individuals and their opinions. However, there are still many cases in which new ideas are not accepted and shut out. I am grateful that the new Generation Z that is leading the digital transformation is showing their creativity and even creating economic value. The YouTube videos and creative webtoons that are created by Generation Z are now leading to entrepreneurs and jobs. We must all work together to create a society that praises creative ideas. SeoulTech will also continue to develop our creativity education and expand our entrepreneurship education with the help of our entrepreneurship support team.


I spoke of collaboration and creativity today, but I would like to end my speech by saying that it is how we decide to approach this issue that is the most important factor of all. We must be open to all the differences in our society. Collaboration only occurs when we accept and love the people who have different characteristics, cultures, values, and thoughts. Only in such a culture can creativity begin to grow. We must all have a spirit strong enough to accept all differences in order to cultivate collaboration and creativity.
I believe that all of our graduates who are willing to accept diversity and create a human network that seeks creative solutions will lead our society. We will also work hard to further develop into a university that you are proud of, and an institution that is a global pioneer that offers an education that awakens collaboration and creativity with an open heart. I ask that you continue to support our cause as the development of our school does not just come from our faculty but our alumni as well. Graduates, open your minds and grow to become the first movers in each area that you seek. Become leaders that create a new society based on collaboration and creativity both in Korea and abroad. Let us all seek to work together to create a network that shares.


Our institution has grown amazingly since its establishment 109 years ago, when our country was facing the hardest of times, in order to teach scientific technology and contribute to the national cause. I hope that you will remember your experience and time here at SeoulTech whenever you face adversities and know that you can do anything. I also ask that you show interest and love to your alma mater and cherish your memories here at SeoulTech. We will never forget you and will always support you. Once again, congratulations, and I hope that a bright future is ahead of you.
February 22, 2019
SeoulTech President
Kim Jong Ho

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