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Title SeoulTech Start-up Support Foundation Hosts the “2018 SEW (SEOULTECH Entrepreneurship Week)”
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SeoulTech Start-up Support Foundation Hosts the “2018 SEW (SEOULTECH Entrepreneurship Week)”
Events included youth entrepreneurship tours, special lectures, and a start-up idea competition.


From November 8th to 9th, the SeoulTech Start-up Support Foundation hosted the '2018 SeoulTech Entrepreneurship Week' (SEW) at the 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall.


The SeoulTech Start-up Support Foundation was established to support student start-up ideas by means of assisting the processes of patent application, prototype production, and more.


On the first day of the event, featured programs included the 2018 SeoulTech Entrepreneurship Consortium, the Young Entrepreneurship Tour, the Fourth Industrial Revolution Experience Center, and the Start-up Idea Competition. The Youth Entrepreneurship Tour included promotional booths and a flea market set up by student start-ups. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution Experience Center, various attractions included a Virtual Reality station (with equestrian, rollercoaster rides, rhythm games, and sporting activities), stamp tour, and photo zone.




On the second day of the program, the Start-up Idea Competition, Young Entrepreneurship Tour, special lectures, and giveaway event took place with the competition award ceremony wrapping up the event.


In a special lecture, Lee Jong-hyun, president of the Tucson Campus, spoke on the topic Why Build a Start-up? Lee told students in his lecture, “a student-level business model can succeed only if it has momentum and direction." He added that Korea has shown “a lack of direction as it tends to focus on imitation over innovation.” Lee urged students to “follow their passion rather than dwell on past efforts.”




As the second lecturer, comedian Park Ji-sun gave a lecture on the theme I Love Myself. Park emphasized that students “should do what they love.” She added, “The best thing is to be yourself. Your taste, after all, is your own choice.”


The event came to a close with the awards ceremony in which some contenders were awarded with awards and prizes.


Kim Seon-min, head of the SeoulTech Start-up Support Foundation, encouraged "all participants to continue growing regardless of the competition results." He asked students to “never succumb to difficulties that may come” and to “always carry a mindset of entrepreneurship and confidence.”

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