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Title Seoul National University of Science and Technology signs business partnership with Korea Financial Security Institute
Writer admin ReadCount 461 Date 2018-09-18

The two institutions have agreed to cooperate on research and the development of information security in the financial sector and other areas.


SeoulTech president Kim Jong-ho (left) and FSI chief Kim Young-ki (right)


On September 18, Seoul National University of Science and Technology signed an MOU with the Korea Financial Security Institute to cooperate on the research and development of financial information security and professional training.


Under the agreement, the two organizations will cooperate in areas including financial security research, technology consulting, professional education in financial security, participation in and support of financial security-related events, and raising public awareness of financial security.


Kim Young-ki of the Financial Supervisory Commission said, “In the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, various new technologies—including artificial intelligence and big data—have been combined with finance, and the financial market has become diversified. Accordingly, it is important to support digital innovation in the financial industry effectively. As such, we must consistently communicate with academics with research capabilities.” He added, “SeoulTech will enable students to develop their capabilities as next-generation security experts. We will support their search for careers in financial information protection through programs such as financial security student camps. Furthermore, we will actively help students gain experience in the financial security field through various internship programs throughout the semester."




Meanwhile, the Financial Security Institute has concluded business agreements to provide joint research on artificial intelligence technology, financial security special lectures, student camps, and internship opportunities with five universities: Dankook University, Chung-Ang University, Seoul Women's University, Soonchunhyang University, and Kookmin University. The Institute will continue to establish partnerships for research exchange and more.


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