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Title [Department of Global Fusion Industrial Engineering] Undergraduate student Cho Min-jae, majoring in Information Technology Management (ITM), is selected for an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) internship at the Silicon Valley
Writer admin ReadCount 64 Date 2018-04-03

Cho Min-jae, a junior majoring in ITM in the Department of Global Fusion and Industrial Engineering of the Seoul National University of Science and Technology was selected on March 12 to join the third batch of interns to participate in the “Global ICT Credit-Linked Internship Program.” The program is jointly organized by the Youth Dream Center of Dong-A Ilbo, Institute for Information and Communications Technology Promotion (IITP) of Korea, and Silicon Valley’s Korea Innovation Center (KIC).


▲ Eight students taking a photo to commemorate their selection for the third batch of interns for the global ICT internship program; student Cho Min-jae is the second person from the left (Dong-A Ilbo)

In line with this, on March 19, Cho left for Silicon Valley in California, United States—the holy land of global start-ups. As one of the eight students selected from universities nationwide for the internship program, Cho will work as an intern for six months until the end of August at “Physiocue,” a four-year-old start-up company in the field of health care. Those selected for the program can gain a semester’s worth of credits, that is, about 18 credits, under their major, with the internship. Thus, they will not be delayed from graduating because of the internship, and those who excellently complete the internship can be offered full-time jobs.

In 2016, one student who was majoring in ITM was selected for the first batch of the program’s interns. The then selected student, Park Il-gwon, eventually landed a job as a full-time employee after he completed an internship at Pulzze Systems.

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