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Title ITM Major Jo Min-Jae Goes to Silicon Valley for ICT Internship
Writer admin ReadCount 535 Date 2018-04-03

Internship for 6 months at Physiocue, a healthcare start-up

On March 12, Jo, Min-jae, a third-year student majoring in ITM in the Department of Global Industrial and Systems Engineering at SeoulTech, was selected for the Third Stage of the Global ICT Credit-Exchange Program Internship jointly organized by the Dong-A Ilbo Youth Dream Center, the Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion (IITP), and the Silicon Valley Korea Innovation Center (KIC).


The eight students selected for the third stage of the Global ICT Internship (Jo Min-jae, third from left; Dong-A Ilbo)


On March 19, Jo Min-jae left for Silicon Valley in California, USA, the global mecca of start-ups. As one of the eight students selected from universities all over Korea to participate in the internship program, he will do an internship at Physiocue, a healthcare start-up in its fourth year, for six months until the end of August. This internship program will allow him to receive about 18 credits for mandatory major courses, which represent the credits for one semester. He does not need to delay his graduation for the internship, and may be offered a permanent position if he completes the internship with outstanding success.

The ITM major previously sent a student to the First Stage of the Global ICT Credit-Exchange Program Internship in 2016. Park, Il-gwon was selected for the first stage, and was hired by Pulzze Systems permanently after completing his internship in the company.

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