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Title [Department of Optometry] Undergraduate students publish their research study in a Science Citation Index (SCI)–class international journal
Writer admin ReadCount 442 Date 2018-03-30

The findings of the research conducted during a capstone design lecture by Yeo Won-jae and Lee Jae-hyeong (Adviser: Professor Hong Hyung-ki), two undergraduate students of the Department of Optometry of the Seoul National University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech), were recently published in the Journal of Society for Information Display, an SCI-class academic journal, under the title of “Visual Evaluation of 3D Image Quality by a Viewer Unexperienced in Viewing Autostereoscopic 3D.”

The Department of Optometry of SeoulTech manages capstone design courses for not only graduate students but also junior and senior undergraduate students to improve their academic research capability. Each year, it publishes their research results in SCI-class journals or journals registered with the National Research Foundation of Korea.

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