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Title SeoulTech Hosts Startup Art Fair 2019
Writer admin ReadCount 510 Date 2020-01-30

SeoulTech Hosts Startup Art Fair 2019
Displays and sells undergraduate projects at the Insadong Gallery from Dec. 6-8


SeoulTech hosted the Startup Art Fair that displays excellent projects by undergraduate students. SeoulTech College of Fine Arts displayed projects by fourth year undergraduate students at the SeoulTech Startup Art Fair 2019 (STAF 2019) hosted at the Insadong Gallery from December 6th to December 8th.


* Art Fair: A term denoting an art market place where art pieces are sold in a single location in which multiple artists meet.


The event is hosted with different artists in order to vitalize the art market, promote the sale of art and expand the market with multiple art distribution channels through auctions and art galleries. Examples of other art fairs are the Hwarang Art Festival, the Korea International Art Fair, the Design Art Fair, ASIAF and others.



This year’s STAF featured projects from SeoulTech’s College of Fine Arts Design Majors, Ceramics Majors, Metal Craft Design Majors, Sculpture Art Majors as well as projects from 40 other students. STAF was planned to further develop students and their creative capabilities, to increase their employment prospects and to motivate future students. Development and creative funding is provided for students who submit projects to STAF.



Former College of Fine Arts Dean Professor Kim Se Il said, “The second STAF is an opportunity for upcoming graduates to experience exhibitions in the form of an art fair before they enter society and to promote the potential of new young artists and designers. We will continue to promote and assist the employment and entrepreneurship of our students.”


The SeoulTech College of Fine Arts includes 4 majors (Ceramics, Metal Craft Design, Sculpture, and Art) and 2 programs related to design (Industrial Design Program and Visual Arts Design Program). These majors and programs cultivate professionals with creative arts abilities and international mindset and intelligence to offer a specialized educational program that focuses on industrial academic cooperation.   



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