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Title MSDE Program Students Win Excellence Award at the Embedded Software Competition
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MSDE Program Students Win Excellence Award at the Embedded Software Competition
RTOS Based Sound Wave Extinguisher System in IoT System Division Wins Award

The SeoulTech Manufacturing Systems and Design Engineering (MSDE) Program team consisting of undergraduate and graduate students (MSDE Professor: Sim Dong-ha; team members: graduate student Han Seung-han, undergraduate students Lee Yong-ae , Hwang Hyeong-joon, Park Hyeong-joo, and Yang Jae-pil) won the Excellence Prize in The 16th Embedded Software Competition: Realtime IoT System Division hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in association with the Embedded Software and Systems Industry Association.



▲ From the left MSDE majors Park Hyung-joo, Han Seung-han (graduate student), Chang Myung-sub, Hancom MDS representative, Grand Prize winner (Kookmin University), Hwang Hyung-joon


Participating in the Embedded Software Competition were 106 teams from seven divisions that passed the preliminary rounds in April. After seven months of preparation, the teams competed in the final rounds held at COEX, Samsung-dong, on December 5th and 6th.


The MSDE Program team participated in the Real Time IoT System Division under the theme ‘RTOS-based soundwave extinguishing system,’ which uses fire detection sensors, soundwave amplifiers, and speakers to combat various fires. The system was designed to cope with realistic fire situations. Users can check fire suppression situations through the app in real time and immediately respond through the IoT fire suppression safety stove.

The MSDE team conducted extensive research on fire situations to design the product. Furthermore, in constructing the sonic fire extinguisher, research topics ranged from hardware configuration to software application. The developed system implemented the 'Hard-Realtime-Scheduling' software to speed up fire-fighting and received positive evaluations for its features. This product was effective in suppressing and reducing the scale of fires during its early stages. Since the system enabled quick responses to unattended fires and caused no secondary damage, it is expected to be useful at industrial sites with a high risk of fire such as restaurants.

Meanwhile, embedded software is regarded as one of the core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In recognition of the importance of embedded software, the Embedded Software Competition started in 2003 with the aim of developing embedded software experts. The event celebrated its 16th anniversary in 2018 and is currently Korea's only embedded software contest, having trained more than 20,000 professionals to date.

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