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Title SeoulTech Hosts the 2018 SeoulTech Concert
Writer admin ReadCount 115 Date 2018-12-31

SeoulTech Hosts the 2018 SeoulTech Concert
High-quality concerts for students, faculty, and local residents




The 2018 SeoulTech Concert was held at the SeoulTech 100th Anniversary Hall last December 3. SeoulTech has consistently held music events such as the Monday Concert Series and the Autumn Concerts, which provide quality cultural events for students, faculty, and local residents.


President Kim Jong-ho noted in his congratulatory address that “the 2018 SeoulTech Concert was the first concert to be renamed so,” and that “it is dedicated to the members of the school, alumni, donors, and local residents who are devoted to the development of the university." He added that he "hopes all audience members who came despite the cold weather will be able to enjoy a warm and peaceful night through the exciting performances."


▲ Atoo String Quartet 

The concert started with the Korea Professional Musicians Association’s ‘Atoo String Quartet’ (Violin: Seo Mi-gyung, Cha Eugene, Han Ji-hee; Cello: Noh Eung-kyung).
The opening consisted of familiar classics from Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Tchaikovsky. The concert were enjoyed by all attendance from students to local residents.


▲ Bravo! Bravismo!

Next up, Bravo! Bravismo! presented performances that excited the audience with more familiar cantata numbers. Consisting of familiar songs such as ‘We are handsome,’ ‘I have a girlfriend,’ and ‘Funiculi Funicula,’ the program helped the audience to enjoy the performance to the fullest.


▲ Muse Musical Company

The Muse Musical Company followed, which only heightened the concert. The audience were presented with colorful compositions and a high-quality performance that led to passionate encore requests. The host, Professor Hwang Soon-hak, made the concert more enjoyable with his humorous comments and knowledgeable commentary.

The concert lasted late in the evening with performers promising to return with another wonderful concert in 2019.


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