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Title [Future Fusion College] signs a working agreement with the Seoul Future Fusion Education Council
Writer admin ReadCount 982 Date 2018-02-22

Seoul National University of Science and Technology “holds hands” with 11 specialized vocational high schools located in Seoul to vitalize the “employment first and studies later” program

Seoul National University of Science and Technology (President Kim Jongho, hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech) held an agreement signing ceremony with the Seoul Future Fusion Education Council (Chairman Cho Yong, principal of Kyounggi Machine Technical High School), consisting of 11 specialized vocational high schools and Meister high schools located in Seoul, for the better management of the Future Fusion College, which is currently a lifelong education model. The ceremony was held at Daegeum Hall of The-K Hotel in Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, in the afternoon of February 21 (Wednesday).


▲ President Kim Jongho is taking commemorative photos with member high school principals, including Chairman Cho Yong of the Seoul Future Fusion Education Council, after signing the working agreement.

SeoulTech signed the agreement with the council to cooperate in the field of future fusion education so that they can both enjoy mutual development. The main items agreed upon include the following: 1) launching of a field-based advisory group for the successful management of SeouTech’s Future Fusion College, which was established to execute a lifelong education system, realize a competency-based society, and vitalize the “employment first, studies later” program; 2) drawing of competent students; 3) pursuit and management of common programs for the reinforcement of the educational courses and support for the development of the high schools, which are members of the council; and 4) building and reinforcement of a system for information exchanges and communication between the two institutions.

Before signing the agreement, SeoulTech President Kim Jongho said, “Given that the importance of lifelong education is being emphasized, I have high expectations for the activities of the Seoul Future Fusion Education Council, which is interested in future fusion education. I hope that we will both benefit from this collaboration.”

Following Kim’s statement, Chairman Cho Yong said, “The Future Fusion College is a place for graduates of specialized vocational and Meister high schools to continue learning. As such, the council hopes to present the direction for mutual development in the field of future fusion education by participating in exchanges with the college.”

After signing the agreement, the participants freely debated and expressed their opinions on the development of future fusion education chaired by Director Kim Seong-gon of SeoulTech’s Future Fusion College. The debate was a great opportunity for them to listen to the voices of those working in the field for the development of the right curricula for lifelong education students, diversification of ways to publicize, and recognition of prior learning (RRL).

The 11 high schools that are members of the council participating in the agreement are Kyounggi Machine Technical High School, Seoul Technical High School, Seoul Robotics High School, Seoul Electronics High School, Seongdong Technical High School, Yongsan Technical High School, Hwigyeong Technical High School, Daejin Design High School, Mirae High School of Science and Technology, Mirim Girls’ Information Science High School, and Hanyang Technical High School (in the order of public to private and Korean alphabet).


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