ACADEMICS Graduate Administration Leave of Absence/Reinstatement
Leave of Absence
Classification of leave of absence
General leave of absence: sickness or other justifiable cases
  • - Sickness: medical certificate of necessary treatment for four weeks or longer
  • - Other justifiable cases: explanatory statement for leave of absence, certificate of relationship
Leave of absence for military enlistment: notification of military enlistment
Leave of absence application period
Leave of absence may be applied for during each semester’s registration period. Application for leave of absence is only granted to students who have already registered in unavoidable cases (disease, military service, etc.). General leave of absence and the postponing of general leave of absence may be applied for on the Integrated Information System > School Register.
Leave of absence duration
General leave of absence may not exceed two semesters at a time. The duration permitted for leave of absence is equal to or less than four semesters for master’s and doctorate students, and equal to or less than six semesters for integrated master’s and doctorate students.
Leave of absence restriction
Freshmen, transfer students, and readmitted students may not take a leave of absence in their first semester. However, a leave of absence may be granted in unavoidable cases, such as military service enlistment or sickness.
Students whose duration of leave of absence has expired or whose reasons for requesting it have been eliminated must apply for reinstatement within a predetermined period in each semester and according to predetermined procedures. Reinstatement should be applied for within a quarter of the number of school days for each semester.
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