5 Strategies
5 Strategies
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategies Growth with the community
Establish strong university operating systems for sustained growth
Strategic Direction   Establish strong university operating systems
for sustained growth
Objectives   5.1
Enhance open organizational culture with innovation and collaboration support
  5.1.1 Establish member communication platforms
5.1.2 Promote faculty competency via support systems
5.1.3 Establish communicative organizational culture for active administrative participation
5.1.4 Promote welfare and resting spaces for SeoulTech community members
Innovate administrative methods for sustainable growth based on demand
  5.2.1 Restructure financial operations for sustainable growth
5.2.2 Strengthen innovation programs for university innovation
5.2.3 Promote public relations to enhance brand value
5.2.4 Recruit world-renowned faculty members of excellence
Realize creative convergence education infrastructure
  5.3.1 Establish creation spaces catered each specialized field
5.3.2 Improve Information Communications Technology-based campus environment
5.3.3 Establish Business Intelligence systems for rational institute management and decision making
Establish fair and reasonable performance management and monitoring systems
  5.4.1 Promote participation through innovation of the performance management and monitoring systems
5.4.2 Innovate and elucidate administrative processes with strong communication systems
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