5 Strategies
5 Strategies
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategies Designing a corporate-based industrial educational cooperation framework
Establish an industry-centric hub connecting the community and the world
Strategic Direction   Establish an industry-centric hub connecting
the community and the world
Objectives   3.1
Establish a global brand via the Inbound & Outbound global platform
  3.1.1 Expand Dual Degree programs
3.1.2 Operate joint research programs with overseas universities such as Incheon Global Campus
3.1.3 Promote global awareness via outstanding international faculty member recruitment
3.1.4 Promote global awareness via international program support
3.1.5 Enhance international exchange programs to create global technology collaborations
Contribute to the knowledge spread in local community via industry and academia connection
  3.2.1 Develop cluster-based governance based on local industry, academia, and government interaction
3.2.2 Establish and activate joint holding companies based on industry demands
3.2.3 Activate industry and academia collaborative research based on investment preferences for future industry
3.2.4 Establish and manage an optimized department model to train workforce for specific field
3.2.5 Promote SeoulTech’s role as a base for exchange and cooperation among local universities
Establish lifelong education programs with the local community
  3.3.1 Establish a leading model for post-learning and lifelong learning programs
3.3.2 Promote growth with the local community via job creation and adult learning programs.
3.3.3 Promote lifelong education programs based on future studies
Strengthen national university accountability through community support activities
  3.4.1 Promote community outreach via invitation of local residents to university events
3.4.2 Start various participation programs for local students
3.4.3 Expand service learning programs to contribute to solve social issues and contribute to local community
3.4.4 Diversify education support activities for the socially disadvantaged
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