5 Strategic Directions
5 Strategic Directions
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategic Directions Designing a corporate-based industrial educational cooperation framework
Designing a corporate-based industry-university cooperation framework
Establish industry-university cooperation infrastructure and support system
  • - Strengthen incentive system for active industry-university cooperation activities
  • - Strengthen network between government, public institutions and private companies
  • 18. Establish strategic team for acquiring industry-university research projects
  • 19. Vitalization of industry-university cooperation network centered on medium and small companies
Expansion of a customized social educational system
  • - Develop an on-site curriculum program
  • - Provide user-centered assignments and class system
  • - Provide a corporate-based human resource training system
  • 20. Develop a customized curriculum program for social demand
  • 21. Establish a global leading framework for industry-university cooperation education
Establishment and operation of a technology holding company
  • - Organization of a strategic technology and business marketing team
  • 22. Technology transfer, technology commercialization and establishment and operation of a holding company
  • 23. Establishment and expansion of a regional industrial cooperation model
Expansion of start-up support
  • - Expand support for entrepreneurship education and clubs
  • - Professor, student entrepreneurship support
  • 24. Establish and operate an entrepreneurship support team
  • 25. Establish an entrepreneurial track for R&BD based students
  • 26. Support and activate professor and student entrepreneurship
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