5 Strategic Directions
5 Strategic Directions
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategic Directions Strengthen R&BD’s practical research capacity
Strengthen R&BD’s practical research capacity
Maintenance of graduate school’s R&BD research system
  • - Strengthen graduate school support and establish a graduate school evalu ation system
  • 10. Establish R&BD research activities and support system
Cultivate graduate school R&BD researchers
  • - Strengthen promotions of master's degree and post-graduate integration courses
  • - Cultivate global graduate school students
  • - Improve scholarship systems based on research results
  • 11. Activate programs connecting bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees and combined Master’s-PhD programs
  • 12. Establish R&BD scholarship systems based on research results
  • 13. Establish a global researcher training system
Strengthen Field-oriented Research
  • - Establish an employment support system at the undergraduate level
  • - Establish career data for graduating graduate students and reflection on departmental evaluation
  • 14. Expansion of employment data and support system
  • 15. Operation of capstone design education centered on industry- university
Improve research environment
  • - Create a research environment through improvement of RA system and an internal research funding system
  • 16. Vitalization of internal research
  • 17. Strengthen the research support system
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