Development Plan
Development Plan
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 3-Step Action Plan
3-Step Action Plan
  • - Create a research environment to improve achievements in education and research
  • - Strengthen foreign language and global experience education for internationalization
  • - Establish a base for industry-university cooperation
  • - Improve education, research, and administrative support system
  • - Enhance the university’s reputation for competence through stronger promotion
  • - Establish a creative convergence expert training system
  • - Strengthen the university's status by reactivating domestic and overseas joint research
  • - Enhance support and introduce a graduate school evaluation system
  • - Establish a foundation for technology holding companies and subsidiaries
  • - Lead the community through networking with local communities
  • - Take a leading role as a global educational institution
  • - Establish an autonomous management system for universities and graduate schools
  • - Strengthen research through expansion of industry-university network and internationalization of industry-university cooperation
  • - Expand technology commercialization through capstone design
  • - Expand programs for mutual growth with the community
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