President's Message
President's Message
 About SEOULTECH President's Message
We’ll Create a universty that contributed to our nation and
fosters creativity mankind.
President Seoul National University of Science and Technology
The Seoul National University of Science and Technology was founded in April , 1910 and has produced countless talents over the century For the past 108 years, SeoulTech has played a pivotal role in the industrial development of South Korea As the only national collegiate university situated in Seoul we have built a proud position in the nation’s education.

Our university is located in downtown Seoul and boasts a large campus size of 52 million square meters. The dense trees rooted along the campus park have grown with SeoulTech over the years. With state of the art educational facilities, top tier faculty, and systematic education systems; SeoulTech has been recognized for its excellence time and time again. A total of approximately 11,000 students study in their respective departments that include College of Engineering, College of Information and Communication Engineering, College of Energy and Biotechnology, College of Art and Design, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Business and Technology, College of Multidisciplinary Studies Toward Future, Graduate School of Industry, Graduate School of Housing, Graduate School of Railway, Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology, Graduate School of Energy and Environment, and the Graduate School of Nano IT Design Fusion. Reaching beyond Korea and Asia, SeoulTech seeks to become a world-class university.

With remarkable developments over the years, SeoulTech has been consistently evaluated as one of the top research institutes by various external evaluations. In 2015, the Joongang Ilbo University Evaluations ranked SeoulTech at 14th in faculty research and in 2014, the Korea Research Foundation announced that SeoulTech’s research per professor count was the highest in the nation. In addition, in 2015, the university was granted research support by the Ministry of Education. The academic foundations of the university as well as incoming students have been developing exponentially.

A special pride of SeoulTech is the combination of skills, potential, and reputation in the fields of engineering and design. An impressive 85% of current students currently study in engineering and design. Promoting innovation in engineering education, the university has been maintaining a leading position in engineering education and research. SeoulTech’s design departments have also carried a prestigious reputation over the years. SeoulTech plans on not only maintaining such a reputation in engineering and design, but also bolstering it.

Our university now stands as the only four-year national collegiate university in Seoul. With a firm foundation in engineering and design, SeoulTech will continue to contribute to the nation and the world by creating a better future for humanity.
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