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Title SeoulTech LINC 3.0 Project Team Finalizes Selection for 2024 Industry-Academia Joint Technology Development Projects
Writer admin ReadCount 489 Date 2024-05-09

SeoulTech LINC 3.0 Project Team Finalizes Selection for 2024 Industry-Academia Joint Technology Development Projects



- 20 projects selected for industry-academia joint technology development (KRW 900 million total)
- Projects focus on AI/robotics, semiconductors, environment, energy, and other new areas prioritized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government
- Continued discovery of critical projects to solve issues for Seoul and local governments


SeoulTech LINC 3.0 Project Team (Director Byeon Jai-won) finalized the selection of twenty new projects for this year's industry-academia joint technology development on Tuesday, April 30.

The projects support the discovery and development of core technologies for companies by linking them with outstanding university faculty and other personnel based on corporate demand. In 2023, a total of 28 projects were selected, achieving significant results, including: 146 personnel training; 16 technology transfers; 7 patent applications; and 4 technology commercialization successes.

This year, marking the third year of the project's execution, the competition was intense, with a ratio of 3:1. The evaluation focused on the connection and alignment with Seoul's new industry development areas: AI/robotics; semiconductors; and environment/energy. The selected research topics addressed the issues and problems of Seoul and the northeastern local governments.
The selection process included a comprehensive evaluation of the projects' potential contributions to solving local government issues.




• 2024 SeoulTech Industry-Academia Joint Technology Development Projects Face-to-Face Evaluation


Notably, the "PSSF-based Plant Growth Environment Control System Development" project by Professor Kim Ji-min (Dept. of Architecture) received high marks for its alignment with Seoul's policies, which include the Happy City Agricultural Center and specialized smart farm education.

The "AI Edge Server and Intelligent System Development for Energy Efficiency of Electric Heat Pumps" project by Professor Lee Young-hoon (Dept. of Industrial Engineering) aims to develop AI algorithms to improve energy efficiency and achieve carbon neutrality in aging multi-family homes in Nowon-gu, in line with the district's mandatory zero-energy building (ZEB) policy.

SeoulTech plans to strengthen its commitment to community contribution and fully prepare for the Regional Innovation Support System (RISE) framework.

The final selected projects will proceed with planning and development based on the Industry Collaboration Center (ICC) infrastructure of the LINC 3.0 Project Team. The aim is to create profitable businesses through the advancement of R&D projects, secure additional R&D support, and brand the ICC, thereby realizing the goal of nurturing industry-academia-research technology innovation universities within the RISE framework.



• Techno Cube


SeoulTech LINC 3.0 Project Team Director Byeon Jai-won stated, "I believe the university's contribution to the local community is not limited to any single area, such as technology development, talent cultivation, technology commercialization, or employment and entrepreneurship." He added, "Starting with these industry-academia joint technology development projects, we will leverage SeoulTech's strengths as a technology-focused university to explore and implement more collaborative projects with Seoul and local governments in various business areas.”





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