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Title SeoulTech proclaims ‘SDGs-ESG Vision’
Writer SEOULTECH ReadCount 536 Date 2022-09-07

SeoulTech proclaims ‘SDGs-ESG Vision’


SeoulTech practices sustainable development through realization of social value.  
Becoming a university that fosters talent with integrated capabilities for ESG, co-exists and cooperates with local communities, and leads the creation of social value 



 Seoul National University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech) introduced ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management in the general operation of the university for the realization of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and announced the ‘SDGs-ESG Vision.’ SeoulTech is led by President Donghoon Lee.

The purpose of the ‘SDGs-ESG Vision’ is to fulfill SeoulTech’s responsibilities as a national university by reflecting social and ethical values in the operation of the university and to establish a sustainable higher education ecosystem that coexists with the local community.


To this end, SeoulTech declares the ‘SDGs-ESG Vision’ with the slogan ‘SeoulTech realizes social values for sustainable development’ and plans to promote ‘STECH SDGs-ESG Activities’ by setting 17 implementation tasks, linking the United Nations’ concept of SDGs to the university’s development plan.


The field of value creation includes education, research, external leadership, and operation and governance, and the major implementation tasks include fostering inclusive talent who fulfill social responsibilities (education to develop ESG), performing the role of ‘Urban Bench’ (cooperation and co-existing with the community), and establishing an eco-friendly campus.


Furthermore, SeoulTech will launch the SDGs-ESG Committee that will establish policies and advise on SDGs-ESG activities, while spreading the value of ESG throughout universities and communities.

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