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Title SeoulTech Receives the President’s Award for the 2020 Campus Patent Universiad
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SeoulTech Receives the President’s Award for the 2020 Campus Patent Universiad
Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Major Students Heo Sung Wook, Lim Jae Kyung and Yang Young Gwang receive the top award for their proposal on the commercialization of wide range noise control technology

On November 26th, SeoulTech Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Major students Heo Sung Wook, Lim Jae Kyung and Yang Young Gwang received the President’s Award at the 2020 Campus Patent Universiad held at the Seoul Lotte Hotel.


The 13th Campus Patent Universiad was hosted by the Department of Patent and sponsored by a total of 30 Korean corporations such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, SK Hynix, LG Display, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, etc. The competition promotes the practical education about patents based on applications of patent big data and for the purpose of cultivating intellectual property professionals needed in the corporations and using creative ideas from universities in the industry. The awardees receive job opportunities and are also given an opportunity to participate in intellectual property cultivation programs.

The SeoulTech students participated in the ‘Commercialization of Inventions’ field and proposed a creative strategy on the commercialization of a wide range of noise control technology and received the President’s Award.
They selected SeoulTech President Lee Dong Hoon as their advisor and said, “We found out that President Lee was an expert in the field of noise vibrations and asked him to be our advisor. We thank SeoulTech for their support as it is incredibly difficult to receive an award if our research is presented in a different direction from the competition’s intent.”



■ Interview with the Awardees ■

Q. Heo Sung Wook and Lim Jae Kyung. We know that you are members of the SeoulTech club Invention and Development Committee and were wondering how that helped in preparing for the competition?

The experience that we gained on patents and our participation in last year’s CPU competition was of great help. We were able to prepare for the competition without the help of an intellectual property lawyer and without those experiences, it would have been hard to prepare for the competition.

Q. What were you able to learn through the competition?

We were able to learn a lot of useful information on the topic and specifically the noise and vibration fields. Through this, we learned the basic fundamentals of how noise reduction technologies work. In addition, we thought a lot about our careers as we learned how there were different commercialization methods. Our preparation process was a time for us to grow together as we learned to work and solve problems with one another. It is important to invest in yourself as many of the competition problems are recent research projects at corporations.


Q. What would you like to ask from SeoulTech?

We believe that our university participates in external competitions more than other universities. There are many students with achievements and we think that participation in these competitions fits in with the educational philosophy of SeoulTech. I would like to ask that SeoulTech continues to provide even more support and interest. When we contacted professors to advise us, there were many professors who passed on our interest without hearing what kind of competition it was. We hope that more professors will support students and help students to gain more interest in participating in competitions.

Q. Were there other contestants that were inspiring?

There were many other teams that participated in the competition from our club and we understood the conditions and worries that they were going through. I remember the team that placed second because they were very happy as they came outside after their second presentation and that gave us motivation to do our best.


Q. Are there any words that you would like to say to your fellow students?

There are many students who are smarter than us and many more opportunities where they can showcase their abilities. The Campus Patent Universiad that we participated in has many different areas such as  mechanics, electronics and big data. I hope that other students will be able to apply what they have learned through these competitions and learn from their mistakes and weaknesses. I sincerely wish them the best.

SeoulTech also received the Excellence Award in Patent Strategy for Next Generation Sensor Semiconductor Markets Based on Artificial Intelligence and participation awards for Quantum Dot Display, Trends Attained through Patent Big Data Analysis and Refrigerators for User Health Management for a total of five awards received through this year’s competition.



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