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Title SeoulTech Selected to Provide Fourth Industrial Revolution Lecture Bundle for K-MOOC (Korea Massive Open Online Course)
Writer admin ReadCount 675 Date 2018-08-31

SeoulTech’s four lectures in Advanced Robotics newly selected by K-MOOC

following last year’s selection of Robotics courses




On July 11, Seoul National University of Science and Technology (President Kim Jongho, hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech) was selected as the Advanced Robotics Research Institute for the 2018 K-MOOC Bundle Lecture Project organized by the Ministry of Education and the National Institute for Lifelong Education. Following SeoulTech’s 2017 selection to provide Robotics and Electric Vehicle Control lectures, this will be the second consecutive year that SeoulTech has provided online courses for the K-MOOC platform.


A total of five nationwide universities were selected for this year's K-MOOC lecture project: SeoulTech, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Sejong Cyber University, and KAIST. The table below gives details of the selection.


  Institute Subject Course Bundle N° of Courses Available
  1 Seoul National University of Science and Technology Advanced Robotics   Advanced Robotics   4
  2 Seoul National University   Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Big Data and Artificial Intelligence   5
  3 Sungkyunkwan University IoT, Artificial Intelligence Smart Cars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Understanding Core Technology   5
  4 Sejong Cyber University /  Sejong University / Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology /NSHC   Block Chain   Block Chain   4
  5 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology / SK Corporation Cloud Network Cloud Based Software Engineering   5


“K-MOOC” is an abbreviation of “Korea Massive Open Online Course”, which is designed to make quality university courses available as online courses to the general public for free. As of May 2018, 279,000 people had joined the K-MOOC platform ( ). There are about 581 thousand enrollment requests, and learners’ interest is continuously growing.


SeoulTech’s Advanced Robotics course (which is taught by Professors Park Hee Jae, Ha Jong Eun, Kim Jung Yeop, and Kim Jin Hyeon) was selected by the K-MOOC and received a grant of 200 million KRW. The Advanced Robotics course introduces robots used in various environments—including sea, land, and sky. In addition, this class aims to promote practical and convergent thinking and to provide opportunities for practical programming.


The Director of Institute for Innovative Higher Education, Kim Dae-gon, boasted, “We are proud to be the only university offering robotics courses on the K-MOOC platform. With the advent of the 4th industrial revolution era, the interest in robotics is increasing. We expect strong attention from learners.” Furthermore, director Kim expressed confidence that the K-MOOC courses “will show the excellent education quality of SeoulTech, and that this will be a great opportunity to promote the university both domestically and internationally.”


To further stabilize and improve the K-MOOC service, the Ministry of Education plans to expand the number of lectures every year. Its goal is to operate more than 500 lectures by the end of 2018, mainly from leading universities and institutions in Korea.


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