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Title Professor Nam, Jeong-min Wins MCST Young Architect Award
Writer admin ReadCount 331 Date 2018-07-08

Jointly granted by Korean Institute of Architects and Korean Institute of Female Architects

Professor Nam, Jeong-min from the Architecture Program of the School of Architecture at SeoulTech will win the Young Architect of the Year award overseen by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST, Minister: Doh, Jong-huan) and jointly granted by the Korean Institute of Architects (Incorporated Association) and the Korean Institute of Female Architects (Incorporated Association).


   ▲ yellow foot                                                             ▲ flower + kindergarten


The prize winners were determined by comprehensively evaluating the integrity of the completed buildings and spatial environments and the critical mind and problem-solving capabilities of the architects, as well as their sincerity and future potential in architecture.
Professor Nam's architectural work offered solutions about the boundaries between public domains and private domains and the spaces between the two by establishing industrialized individual units, which were


highly rated for their future potential.
The award will be presented at the 2018 Korean Institute of Architects Convention, which will be held in Jeju in October. The awardees will participate in events called “Conversations with Architects,” in which architects will converse with architect workers, citizens, and students about their architectural works and their production process, as well as their own thoughts on architecture.

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