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Title The Architecture Program of the School of Architecture received a six-year certificate from the Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB).
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Acquired a certificate of the longest valid period that KAAB can endow

The Architecture Program of the School of Architecture of Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoul Tech) has received a six-year certificate from KAAB. KAAB conducted the third due diligence in September last year and has been endowed a six-year certificate, which is the longest valid period, to the university on January 31.

▲ (Clockwise from the upper left) Team Leader Shin Mun-gi (Hoseo University) and six others who conducted the due diligence are reporting the investigation to PD Professor Lee Dong-hun and holding an investigative team meeting inside the site.


The Architecture Program of Seoul Tech successfully acquired a third certificate following the first in 2007 and the second in 2012, thereby proving the excellence of its educational program once again.


In particular, the excellence of the educational facilities in fostering creative talents was particularly acknowledged in the current certificate. In addition, the organization of courses to be based on practical training at actual working sites connected to architecture offices; the transfer of working site-based architecture design in the regular design course for the fostering of field-based experts; and the diverse educational programs provided in collaboration with external organizations to foster socially responsible, international talents; were highly evaluated.


The current certificate is valid from January 31, 2018 to January 30, 2024. Graduates of the certified program can take the qualifying examination to work as an architect without having to take the preliminary examination by working for three years in an architecture design office.


 “We will not only support the creative activities of our students so that they may grow into talented architects in the future who can respond to changes in the social environment, but also continue to diversely develop the educational courses so that our students would be able to develop international acumen and practical ability,” said PD Professor Lee Dong-hun, who was responsible for the acquisition of the certificate.

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