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Title SeoulTech Ranks 21st Overall (4th in National Universities) in the 2017 Joongang Daily University Rankings Date 2017-10-25 ReadCount 79

Seoul National University of Technology (hereinafter "Seoul National University of Science and Technology") ranked 21st in the "Joongang Daily University Rankings". SeoulTech placed 32nd overall ranking in 2012, ranking 23rd in 2016 and 21th in 2017 this year, up two places from last year.

In the JoongAng Daily University Rankings, which evaluates a total of 33 indicators (300 out of a total of 4 indicators) in 4 year universities nationwide, SeoulTech ranking 15th (31st in the previous year) and 17th in the reputation category (18th in the previous year).

Among the indicators, SeoulTech placed in the following:▲ ratio of entrepreneurship education (1st place) ▲ graduate founding activity (4th place) ▲ diversity of foreign students (7th place) ▲ scholarship payment rate (9th place) Technology transfer income (13th place) per technology professor ▲ University (16th place) to be selected as a new employee ▲ Top ranking in the university with potential for future development (17th place).

In addition, Seoul National University of Education has a total score of 153. Among the national universities, it ranked fourth in national universities with a slight score difference from Pusan National University (166), Jeonnam National University (156), and Kyungpook National University (154) It stands out.

Kwon Oh-yul, director of planning, said, "SeoulTech has been steadily making efforts to improve the appearance of the university as well as the external appearance of the university. Now, such valuable efforts are creating good results. It will be possible to enter the top. "