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Title SeoulTech holds a graduation ceremony in three Central Asia countries Date 2017-03-14 ReadCount 253

- SeoulTech held graduation ceremonies in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
- A variety of progress such as the signing of a memorandum of understanding on exchange cooperation with Kyrgyzstan, agreement to build a campus in Uzbekistan, etc.

SeoulTech’s Graduate School of Railway (Dean Choi Gyu Hyung) visited 3 countries in Central Asia in February and held a special graduation ceremony for international students from the respective countries. SeoulTech Graduate School of Railway Dean Choi Gyu Hyung, Senior Professor Lee Jong Woo and Professor Cho Kook Hwan visited Kyrgyzstan on February 16th, Kazakhstan on February 18th and Uzbekistan on February 20th and held graduation ceremonies for 13 students from four countries.

On February 16th, a Tajikistan student graduating traveled approximately 2,000km over two days in order to attend the ceremony held at the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) office located in Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek. In addition, Kyrgyzstan’’s Railroad Department decided to sign a memorandum of understanding with SeoulTech for mutual education exchange programs.

The graduation ceremony held at the Uzbekistan Railroad Department on February 20th for 4 students who work as employees for the Uzbekistan Railroad Department was widely covered by local media. SeoulTech also agreed to construct a separate Graduate School of Railway campus in Uzbekistan. Dilshod Urazimbetov, one of our graduates, said, “I was able to receive professional education through examples of Korea’s advanced railroad industry practices as part of the SeoulTech master’s program. I believe that my newly gained knowledge will contribute to the expansion of such business here and the implementation of new railroad technology.”

▲ The four graduates with Dean Choi GyuHyung and Professors Lee Jong Woo and Cho Kook Hwan holding the graduate school flag.
Professor Lee said, “Educating international students is much more efficient and mutually beneficial to the mutual development of nations than simply providing one-time financial support and our graduates will be able to continue to contribute to their nations in the future.” Professor Cho said, “Our graduates from each country have displayed a high level of intelligence and enthusiasm during their time at SeoulTech and we expect them to succeed enormously in their respective fields.”
In order to support the overseas railroad market expansion of Korea, the fourth country in the world to operate a high speed railroad, SeoulTech and KOICA have operated the KOICA Transportation Infrastructure (Railroad Operations) Mid-Term Program since 2015. SeoulTech has alumni who are professionals in the railroad industry in more than 6 countries in Central Asia, a geopolitically important area.
The SeoulTech Graduate School of Railway is the representative railroad focused graduate school in Korea covering areas from railroad cars, signals, construction, policies and safety with more than 800 railroad professionals with master’s or doctorate degrees having graduated from SeoulTech.