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Title SeoulTech and Korea Productivity Headquarters Sign MOU for Research Cooperation and Student Exchanges
Writer admin ReadCount 554 Date 2019-06-30

SeoulTech signed a memorandum of understanding for research cooperation and student exchanges with Korea Productivity Headquarters on June 12th at SeoulTech’s President’s Office.


President Kim Jong Ho, Korea Productivity Headquarters Chairman No Gyu Sung and representatives of the two institutions participated in the signing of the MOU.


The main contents of the memorandum include the development of an educational program and academic activities for the mutual benefit of students from both institutions, development and operation of an internship program for employment, cooperation on academic training and consulting projects, cooperation on dispatching course and research faculty members,  cooperation in the use of facilities, joint development of global projects related to education and national projects, and other mutually beneficial projects. 


Both institutions are expected to train personnel and share experiences that mutually benefit one another through their cooperation.


President Kim Jong Ho said, “We will work together to increase our productivity through innovative growth and respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution.”



▲SeoulTech President Kim Jong and Korea Productivity Headquarters Chairman No Gyu Sung taking photos after the signing of the MOU.




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