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Title 2018 Student UCC Competition award ceremony
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2018 Student UCC Competition award ceremony

“Kwak-Pompon Manchu” team’s “Finding your dream” awarded Grand Prize


The 2018 Student UCC Competition awards ceremony was held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the SeoulTech main building on October 18th.

The best team was awarded the Grand Prize, and the next the Top Award. Five teams were awarded a participation prize, and another five were given honorable mentions.



▲ Finding Your Dream (Dream Team)


The Grand Prize was awarded to the “Kwak Pompon Manchu” team’s “Finding your dream.” Team member Kim Ki-hyeon (Electric Engineering · 16) said, “It is great to contribute to raising awareness for our university through UCC video production. We plan to reinvest the prize money in other video productions.”


Kim recalled that the production was challenging as it required location hunting, and that it took great teamwork to complete the project.


The Top Prize was awarded to the Motions team’s “Now and Here, SeoulTech.” The team made outstanding use of the skillset they had developed in the design department, and produced motion graphics and collage-style images.


The participation award winners were: ▲DooriDoori (“Where Are You Dreaming Of?”) ▲SSB32 (“Creative Protagonist, UhEui in”) ▲K.H. (“SeoulTech Campus Healing Tour”) ▲Kim Play Studios (“Under the Blue Sky”) ▲Gojundayong (“VJ SeoulTech”). Honorable mentions went to ▲Jibanglers (“University Roman”) ▲Choi-Ae Videos (“Pretty Campus Tour Girl”) ▲CCC (“SeoulTech Date”) ▲Lee Seok Cheol (“Walk with SeoulTech”) ▲Moonchang Hwachang (“Beautiful SeoulTech”)


The Grand Prize winner was awarded two million won, the Top Prize winner one million won, and the participation award and honorable mention winners were awarded 600,000 won and 500,000 won, respectively.




The director of the event, Lee Sang-jin, said, “The projects were evaluated fairly and thoroughly in three phases. Professionals from the public relations committee, department professors, and external experts participated and tried to evaluate them as objectively as possible. We appreciate the students’ efforts, and encourage their continued interest and participation in future contests."

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