Information Service

Guide to Web-Mail Use


Create the e-mail address

  • Request sign in
  • Writing in your account information ([이름] is your name, [학번/사번] is your ID(student: student ID number,
    Faculty: Faculty ID number), [비밀번호] is password(same as Total Information System))
  • and click [가입여부확인](Request sign in)
  • Register
Write your address(will using) and click [중복검사](redundancy check) -> Fill all ([비밀번호] is password(min 4, max 16), [비밀번호 재확인] is PW repeated, [주소] is address, [전화] is tel no., [핸드폰] is cellphone no.)

Use the Web-mail

  • Log-in
  • loged-in ([도움말] is User manual)