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University Portal System


  • What are the functions of the university portal system? As a website for the students and faculty of Seoul National University of Science and Technology, the functions of the portal system are as follows.
  • First, this system conducts an integrated certification of usable information systems and enables the use of approximately 20 school information systems (e.g. educational information system, administrative information system, engineering accreditation support system and cyber education system) through a single certification method.
  • Second, this system gathers and manages information provided on the school website, such as school announcements, event guide, job information, language school reservation, free board, flea market and Q&A.

Access method

  • User ID: student ID number, Password: identical to the educational information system and the initial values are composed of the last 7 digits of the user’s resident registration number (login and make changes on My Page for use).
  • Enter in browser address

Guide to use

  • Log in to portal and change settings to single certification. Go to “My Page” on top right of screen and enter ID/PW in usable information system from My SSO List
  • Use educational information system (course registration, personal schedule, check class syllabus, tuition bill, scholarship, check grades, etc.), engineering accreditation support system, e-mail, web hard, etc.
  • Use various functions such as school announcements, free board, flea market, lost & found, job information, languag school announcements, RSS, club, schedule management.
  • Related manual portal guide manual (Log in to portal – “portal guide” on top right)
  • Inquiry : Kim Yoon-jung (Tel) +82 2 970 9053)