Information Service

Antivirus Installation


  • Malicious viruses and spyware that are rapidly increasing in number have infected school PCs and servers and are seriously affecting other systems and school networks. Infected systems often become re-infected even after removal of viruses due to negligent care.
  • We have purchased and currently are distributing the ‘V3 CP (CAMPUS PACK)’, a virus vaccine package provided by AhnLab, and ‘SPYZERO’, a spyware elimination program.
  • All Windows server/PC users (public/private IP) must install the V3 CP and SPYZERO provided by the school.
  • This program can be only used on campus.
  • V3 Special Solution v3 Campus Pack
  • This package ensures a safe environment when using the university system.
  • For : university/campus work or class work
  • Ahnlab SpyZero Spyware diagnose/treatment
  • This package protects a user’s PC from spyware ensuring the safety and convenience of users’ PCs.

Installation environment

  • Please delete the existing vaccine program during installation of WINDOWS 2003 /XP / ME / 98 / 95 / WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL / SERVER / ADVANCED SERVER / WINDOWS NT WORKSTATION 4.0 / WINDOWS NT SERVER 4.0.
  • Summary of system for preventing virus/spyware at school and user-specific guide for installation of client program
  • You can also download the program at the “school homepage > E-Daehak  > virus vaccine”. // V3PRO 2004 and SPYZERO 2.0 are installed on regular PCs and V3NET 6.0 is automatically installed on the server.