Campus Life

Human Resources Development Center

Student Career Services Team

The Student Career Services Team helps students to successfully advance in society by providing various programs required for employment preparation to juniors and seniors and programs for career decisions to freshmen and sophomores. By doing so, students can foster skills required by corporations to prepare them for the employment process.
Provision of employment courses Job fair Resume clinic
Support of employment study activities Corporate exchange activation program Company experience program for the youth
Special lectures on employment (campus recruiting etc.) Career · job camp Operation of homepage (provision of job information)

Student Counseling Team

Student Counseling Office
The Student Counseling Office implements professional counseling and psychological testing and provides required information to help students overcome various difficulties such as adaptation to college life, relationship problems and career exploration.
Personal/group counseling Various psychological tests Student life research
Gender Equality Counseling Office
The Gender Equality Counseling Office handles various affairs such as education and PR for creating a gender equality university culture and educational environment on campus. Professional counseling is provided for victims of sexual harassment/violence and an appropriate education and counseling is provided for assailants.

Main Facilities / Location

Main facilities include 1:1 counseling office, small-sized lecture rooms, group study rooms, job café equipped with various mock interview materials and books.
  • Address: (139-743) 138 Gongrung-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul
  • Location: 2nd Student Union Building 3F #304 (Building #52)
  • Contact number: TEL 02-970-6940,6942 FAX 02-970-6941
  • Service hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00